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I am Kirstin of LilliBean Designs + this is my blog 'Listening to the Squeak'

I am an artist. (And oh boy, it has taken me a long time to say that out loud!)

But I am also a wife to Mac + mama to three gorgeous girls; Jelly Bean, Baby Bug + Wee Beastie.

I am also a huge dreamer + I have been dreaming of living a creative lifestyle for years. 

LilliBean Designs is me. My art. 

Named after my two eldest children, the name LilliBean is a constant reminder that they can be anything they want. They can be unlimited. And if I can show them I am living an unlimited life, maybe they won't spend 15 years figuring it out like I did!!

Listening to the Squeak is my space. Where I muse about life + creativity, creating with the girls, with my friends. It is also about how I fit creativity into my daily life.

My life often spills into my art. What I'm feeling, if I am joyful, if I am hurting, it all shines through my paintings, and sometimes I talk about that stuff here too.

I believe that everyone can be creative, if they want to be. They just need the tools to figure it out.

I also believe that everyone has their own inner demons, which can sometimes make hearing the little creative voice difficult to hear. 

I definitely have one + I call her 'the little bitch'. She rears her ugly self just when I think I have it all together.

So this is me.

I am a compulsive list maker, stationary junkie, romance novel addict, believer in all things possible (including mermaids + unicorns) art supply hoarder, (DON'T THROW THAT OUT! I will keep that wrapping for some mixed media project....that I will do.....some when), card carrying member of pinterest anonymous, and I am desperately seeking my perfect nail colour.

{and F.Y.I I prefer the term eclectic to 'flighty' or 'can't make up her mind' and quirky is so much nicer than odd isn't it?}

I hope you enjoy your time here. 

I love to hear from all my readers. And you can contact me through the comments section of specific post, or email me

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Thanks for stopping in.

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