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Saturday, January 29, 2011

☆ Inner Goddess

It's week two of Tam's Magical, Mythical Makings course and I have finished my goddess. I decided to create my own goddess rather than take inspiration from the thousands from mythology and history partly because I didn't know where to start researching these beautiful women, (have you ever googled Goddess?) but also because I wanted her to embody some of the qualities I want to focus on myself.

Her name is Rainier meaning 'wise warrior' and she is the goddess of empathy and intuition. She is a reminder to carry empathy in my heart but to also listen to it, because it is wise and will steer me on the right path.

The swam symbolises intuition and the balm leaf empathy.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse and I can't believe I created her. I am really proud of this work, and although there are niggley little things I am not 100% happy with (don't most creators feel this way??) they aren't the things that I take note of. Maybe some personal growth occurred in the painting process - who knows ;)

Next week it's mermaids - I cannot wait!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

☆ Mystical Magical Makings

For Christmas, my gorgeous husband gave me a spot on the talented Tam from Willowing, Mystical Magical Makings course.

I have previously completed her free course - Art, Heart and Healing (which you can still join!) and I loved it so much. Tam has a fantastic teaching style, and the willowing network is a safe and nurturing place to explore your creative side - even for those who have never drawn before!!

The first two weeks of the course is about Goddesses - one who inspires you, one who speaks to you, or one who you have created yourself.

Mine is the goddess of intuition and empathy, she speaks to me on a very elemental level, she's being a bit coy with her name - I will tease it out of her yet!

She still needs finishing, I am hoping to get into my studio sometime over the next few days, but with Australia Day yesterday, and some of the hottest temps this summer, I have struggled to move more than 5 inches from the air conditioner!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

I have been meaning to post over the last few days, but the weekend past has just been the most relaxing time with my family - no DIY projects, lots of pool time, lots of talking, lots of cake (good thing there was lots of swimming!), and lots of wine.

I guess G & I needed that time out together, putting the tools and paints down, and reconnecting.

One of the best moment of the weekend was sitting on our balcony Saturday night, watching an almost thunder storm roll through, drinking cold beer and some really nice wine.... which led me to this weeks IF illustration - Dusty.

This is how I felt on Sunday - dusty...

I have lots of art to share - my gorgeous husband bought me a place on Tam's Magical, Mythical Makings course so I've been painting up a storm!

Hope you all had a great weekend. 


Monday, January 17, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday


Inspired by the Chicken Little/ Henny Penny story.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

☆ Doctors, Dentists and Drawing.

(AKA Where did our week go??)

We have had a huge week past, full of those yearly check ups, where you spend what feels like hours in waiting rooms - a visit to the health worker for Bug, a visit to the doctor for Bug again, my long procrastinated visit to the dentist (I am sad to say I procrastinated for 10 years!) and another visit to the dentist to yank a wisdom tooth and fill a hole - a process I have to repeat in a months time...

(Little side note: I hate going to the dentist. HATE. IT. Because there was no fluoride in the water when I was small, every time I went I would have to have a filling. My mouth is full of silver...and isn't it funny that even after 10 years of not visiting - some of this time was because we lived in such an isolated part of Scotland - the sound of that drill and the smell wafting into the waiting room made my stomach churn, my hand shake and the sweat bead. And isn't that the most dignified thing ever sweating in the dentist chair!)

So along with the craziness that was our week, I was also able to get a few sketches down on paper.

A wee doodle to reaffirm one of my intentions this year - to love loudly and unreservedly...

The faery Veronique and her companion...

The Angel of Music - Melody...

Raven (sorry for the slightly blurry photo)...

No title yet - suggestions??

Bean and I even managed to make pirate hats and dance to Captain Feathersword (a la the Wiggles)

And dress up for tea parties with dad.

I am hoping that this week is less hectic and that I can put some of these sketches onto canvas.

What did you get up to this week? Did you have fun or do something new?


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

Deja Vu -

What a concept - just getting my head around illustrating this idea was making my brain leak, I mean I have deja vu a lot, but how do you put that on the paper? I finally read a definition and one of the synonyms was repeat and that is a concept I can really relate to.

With two small children at home, having a routine makes our lives so much more bearable. But on the flip side, some days have a same same feel, especially in the summer when it's too hot to do spontaneous play park visits!

And repeat....

Have a great Wednesday

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

I found this a really difficult IF to illustrate - Resolutions is such an broad concept and so I struggled with where to take it with out becoming lost in the process. (I hope this makes some sense...)

In the end I feel I may have copped out a bit and went for easy but I guess an accurate depiction of what resolutions means to me.

As you can maybe tell from my previous post I am a firm believer in creating resolutions at the beginning of the new year. I always have been. Some years I have been unrealistic and failed before the day was over. Other years I managed to tick items of my lists. (And yes they are lists plural!)

So here is Resolutions.


☆ A New Year.... A Fresh Start

I love a new year, like a clean page in a journal or like Mondays, new year, for me is a fresh start. My ritual is to sit down with a journal and a glass of wine, and really think about what it is I want out of the coming year and how I am going to achieve it. I learnt a long time ago that simply writing 'lose 10 pounds' was never going to get the job accomplished!

For me, last year was so last year, and this year is exciting, and uncomplicated and well, new - there is no history muddying the waters... Well how could there be when its only four days old!

Of course it is not as simple as that, oh that I wish it were! but sometimes, just sometimes, I manage to achieve something major on the list - like the time I finally quit smoking, or the time I actually did loose those 10 pounds, or when we left Australia to travel on our mid-life gap year (or seven years) and the time we moved back again.

This year, with pen, journal, and a large wine in hand I sat down to write my resolutions and came up with a fairly sizeable list (not unusual), but I feel in my gut that I have a core list of achievable resolutions. We'll see...

So for all those interested here are the highlights....

♥ Fit into the dress I wore to my sisters wedding for my brothers (aka loose 20 pounds)
♥ Exercise for fitness - swim, walk, yoga, dance to the bloody Wiggles if need be - just move.
♥ Make healthier meal choices, limit take away and plan weekly menus - and be creative with food (Pasta is not the only thing you can cook Kirstin!)
♥ Set myself more daily, weekly & monthly sketching/ art challenges  (any suggestions on subject matter are most welcome!)
♥ Be creative in some small way every day (either by myself or with kids)
♥ Sew some more clothes (Hem those bloody curtains!!)
♥ Seriously work towards selling my art (locally and via web)
♥ Spend quality time with my family, talk more, make time for friends
♥ Play with focus with my kids
♥ Honour Date Night - and stop being slack and coping out with a dvd
♥ Spend responsibly (no more credit - eeek!!)
♥ Book a trip back to Raasay

I feel optimistic, its a slightly challenging list but also quite exhilarating to think what if... What if I manage to resolve my resolutions?? 

Do you have resolutions? Do you keep them?  Maybe this is the year to take responsibility for our resolutions? I know that I am going to try - Because what if? What if, just maybe, you achieve something great? (And if you do please share!)


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