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Thursday, February 24, 2011

☆ Mystical Magical Makings - Mermaids

I can't believe how long it's been between posts. I have been totally wrapped up in my art, every lunch time when the girls sleep, evenings once they've gone to bed. And I have been totally loving it, I have been really excited every step of the way, I think she is the best of me, and she has taught me a lot.

Bean calls her 'Mama's pretty mermaid painting, her pretty blue arial' (spoken of course with that adorable toddler voice!)

This week we were focusing on change, growth and transformation and incorporating element used by the artist Chagall. Unlike the angel and goddess weeks however, I decided not to embrace the movement associated with this week, I had intended to, but in the end I thought she was meant to be just the way she is...

...So here she is. my pretty blue mermaid.

Not a great photo I know, but I will update this when I can get her into natural light tomorrow.
The butterfly - a classic symbol of transformation


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

☆ Valentine's Love

Forgoing my traditional rant about Val's day and commercialism, and why we have to have a special day to tell each other we love them, I hope you all received love in any shape or form, be it flowers or chocolate or the precious 'I love you' and giant hug from your babies.


☆ Mystical Magical Makings - Angel Update

I went back to my angel yesterday to tinker a bit more with it. After posting it on the course forum, the wonderfully supportive people who are on this journey with me, made some helpful and insightful suggestions and although I am still not 100% in love with the painting I am happier with it now.

Back to the painting - I added embellishments to her tiara/ headband thingy, (and yes that is its official name!), more detail to the dress and shadow to the ground under the angel and child. I also think they would benefit from being a bit larger - next time...

hmm.. I think I'm done with this one for the moment - bring on the mermaids!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

☆ Mystical Magical Makings - Week 3

So I have finally finished my M3 piece for week three. This week we were focusing on safety, protection, compassion, unconditional love and acceptance. All things which angels encompass. We were also focusing on the artist Mucha.

I love Mucha's work, the whole art nouveau movement is one of my favourites. I will never forget travelling through the Czech Republic and seeing his work every where, especially in Prague. Seeing his work on walls in cafes, on menus, in the galleries, really inspired me.

But as much as I love his work, I must admit, I found it difficult to finish my painting. I feel a bit meh about it. I don't love it - but I don't hate it... When I look at it I am happy I've finished and I really like some aspects of the painting, I'm just meh. Maybe I need to tinker with it a bit more...

The roses in the background piece are inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh - a fabulous Scottish artist and architect.

The finished piece..

Looking at it again maybe she fades to much into the background? Maybe it's too busy? Hmm will need to ponder it a bit more now!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

I had no idea what to do for this illustration - I mean come on... Reverse?? Do I illustrate a car, some one walking backwards, what?

I have been in a bit of a rut lately, not very inspired, I struggled with even the M3 course work. This week I  was trying something new - I have read a little about unconscious writing, writing what ever enters my brain, not thinking, not stopping, not checking my spelling, grammar or caring about how neat it is. And I never read it again!

It seems to be helping, I am not feeling as blocked, I feel I am leaving the crap behind.

So this morning during my three pages of downloading this came to me...

doubt & fear sit like little devils on my shoulders
not summoned and unwanted they are hard to shake loose
i slide into reverse.


☆ Illustration Friday

A week late here is my illustration for surrender. I meant to post last week, but my MiL's house flooded for the second time in a year. They have a flat roof and because we have been inundated with rain over the last few months (after a drought of ten years or so) the roof couldn't cope and pretty much.... surrendered (ha - love the synchronisity!!)

I had two sketches, but I thought that I would have posted the second sketch. What do you think?

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