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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

☆ It's My Birthday [ + I'll have a sale if I want to!]

Hip Hip hooray it's my Birthday Today!

I love birthdays - the anticipation, the joy, the special feeling that this day is yours alone...
and ok... I guess a few other thousand other people!

In my family birthdays are huge + ever since I was a kid, my family always made a big deal over birthdays.

And I suspect some years, it was hard to even afford one birthday, let alone four (and two on the same day!), but we always, always, had presents, a home made cake + a special birthday dinner.

I know in my heart this is why I only need a special drawing from my Bean, big cuddles + smooches from my Bug, a good nights sleep from my Beastie or a coffee in bed from my Mr Mac to make a really special birthday.

(BUT if you want to spoil me rotten - by all means, please, feel free....go right ahead!!)

And I really want to share my birthday bliss with everyone.
(really why should I be the only special one today??)

So for ONE DAY ONLY you can grab a massive 30% off
 everything in the LilliBean Designs Store



That includes original paintings, christmas cards, gift tags, and the new jewellery line.


So pop over to the LilliBean Store + enter the code BDAY13 at check out.

And remember it's for one day only offer ends July 24th at 12 midnight.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

☆ July's AWESOME give away - Winner Announcement.

Are you this months winner of this set of cute earrings?

Thank you all so much for your support + entries. I love give aways + love spreading the joy!

This months winners is.....

Grace Amaury

Congratulations Grace - please contact me with your address so I can send you your prize.

I am taking some much needed holidays for the next two weeks, a wee break, spending some time with family, celebrating my 38th birthday (freaking out slightly!!),  finishing off some commissions, planning for the next few months and catching up on some books I have been hanging out to read.

I will be back the 5th August, but keep an eye out for my HUGE BIG BIRTHDAY SALE the discount code will be on facebook, twitter + my LilliBean Designs store July 24th and is valid for one day only. 

And this months LilliBean Studio News will be out on August 1st, so if you want to know the latest gossip, specials, a free monthly calendar + your very own Gratitude Angel - click here to sign up.

See you in two weeks!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

☆ UNDER THE SEA - tag swap partners

I am so excited for this months tag swap! 

Thank you every one who signed up - I can't wait to see what gorgeous tags you create + I am excited to share them with every one here later next month.

I have sent emails out to every one who signed up - I am hoping there are no problems, but it seems when ever I organise a tag swap something goes awry! Let me know if you don't receive your email, or can't contact your partner.

So what now? 

Well if you haven't already started your tag - get cracking!

You should aim to have your tags in the post early next week.

Any problems please don't hesitate to let me know.

Monday, July 15, 2013

☆ Artful Shamanism + meeting my Muse [Lifebook 2013]

For this life book lesson Effy Wild took me on a shamanic journey to meet my muse.

If I had thought about this before I actually did this exercise, I wouldn't have thought this is who she was, and the message she kept saying to me was never the one I thought she would say.

Guided by Efi, I found two very interesting characters emerge.  This was so much fun and I totally went with the flow - no sketching, no erasing, no three test sketches, just paint on paper, and more paint on paper. 

What ever my muse dictated. 

Totally fun! 

Any way meet my muse...

and her messenger....

I hope you all had a great weekend, and today is the final day to sign up for the 'UNDER THE SEA' tag swap - I hope you'll consider joining us! Swap partners will be announced here tomorrow and I will follow up with an email with your partners email address so you can make contact directly.

Finally don't forget about this months give away - the last day to enter is Thursday Australian EST.

Friday, July 12, 2013

☆ What do Mermaids have as pets? [Friday Art]

What do Mermaids keep as their pets?

I asked Miss Bean this question this week - she told me that mermaids had pet fish like Flounder from the Little Mermaid, but then Miss Bug piped up and told me with total certainty that they had sea horses as their pets.

And this is the inspiration for this weeks Friday Art.

I love the idea that mermaids could have a menagerie of pets in cages in their mermaid grottos.

A4 acrylic + water colour.
Available for sale - email for details
I has me thinking... what would you keep in your mermaid grotto? I would love to know!

Before I leave you all to have a fabulous weekend, don't forget to sign up for the 'Under the Sea' Tag swap - sign ups close Monday. I would love to see you join us.

And have you entered into this months free give away click here to enter.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, July 11, 2013

☆ LilliBean Designs Spotlight [july]

There is so much happening in the LilliBean Designs Store this month - I am so excited to show you what new in store!


After much encouragement I have now added these beautiful hand crafted earrings, pendants + rings. They look amazing, are really affordable + an easy way to collect any of your favourite art works.

Do you have a favourite painting that you would love to wear, that I haven't included? Email me!


Every month, subscribers to the LilliBean Studio News, are the first to find out which item in the LilliBean Designs Store is the special of the month.

This months special is on these postcards. Usually they are worth $9.90 for July only you can grab six postcards for $6.50

But hurry - there are only three sets left and once they are gone, they are gone! 
(I will not be restocking this particular selection of cards in the foreseeable future.)


Of course there is the usual original artworks for sale too!


By the way - If you liked the idea of wearing a bit of my art - Have you checked out this months give away? (It's an awesome prize this month!!) Click Here to Enter.

And don't forget the mid year tag swap is still open to sign ups. Join us in sending tags through the mail to other artists all over the world!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

☆ Words of Positive Affirmation. [life book 2013]

Dawn Devries Sokol lead this weeks lesson, a double page spread of positive words that describe me!

Initially this was really hard to do. I guess I have been programmed not to really think about these words in context to me, but once I had a few words out, they came quicker + easier.

Once I finished the spread I realised that this was a fantastic exercise + perhaps I need to do it more often!

I would absolutely recommend spending half an hour today writing down all the fabulous things you are! And I would love to know how you felt once you wrote them down.

By the way - Have you entered in this months awesome give away for a chance to win a set of earrings featuring my art? Click here to enter.

P.S.  Are you up for joining me in an Under the Sea themed tag swap? Sign up below or Click here for details.

Monday, July 8, 2013

☆ July Tag Swap [ a reminder for you ]

Have you signed up for Julys Tag Swap yet?

Not sure what it is all about?

I would love it if you would join us + in a nutshell....

* You would be swapping one tag that you have created, based on the theme Under the Sea.

* You will be swapping with one person who could be over the other side of the world.

* You need to have your tag in the mail July 22nd.

* And you need to sign up NOW! (or by July 15!)

Want to know more? Check out this page here

Want to join in? Leave your email address by clicking on the 'ADD YOU LINK' button below.

P.S - Have you entered in this months awesome give away for a chance to win a set of earrings featuring my art? Click here to enter.

Friday, July 5, 2013

☆ Contemplation [friday art]

I had grand plans this week.

Grand plans.

I was going to get stuck into some life book classes, paint a few canvases, and follow up on a few commissions.

Grand plans.

But as with all things in my life at the moment, the minute I create a plan, life interrupts me + I scramble to catch up.

This week it was the kids turn to be sick. Bean with a fever, Bug with a snotty nose + Wee Beastie with teeth that just wont come through!

So although I didn't manage create much in the studio this week, I did manage to paint this for Friday Art.

I am not sure if she is finished yet... the back ground is so much more subtle in person, but maybe it needs something? What do you think?

I hope you all have a great weekend, but before you head off -

Have you seen this months AWESOME give away? I am super excited about this one!!
Have you seen the new 'Under the Sea' TAG SWAP? I would love it if you joined us!!


Thursday, July 4, 2013

☆ July's AWESOME give away

This months give away is so very cool - I have just started making a few of my art works into wearable pieces of art.

This month this cool pair of earrings is up for grabs.

How can you be in the running to win these?

As always it is super easy - just leave a comment on this post saying

'I want it!'

WHAT? Is that it?


But I can also offer you the chance to grab some extra entries.

So you get one entry by leaving an 'I Want It' comment +

1 extra entry if you -  share or like on Facebook
                                  share or follow on Twitter
                                  subscribe to the monthly LilliBean Designs Studio News

Just let me know in your comment if you are eligible for extra entries (And if you are already do any of these let me know you are already eligible for the extras!)

The winner will be announced on Thursday July 18th - so make sure you tune back then to find out if you are a winner!

Good Luck

P.S. Have you seen the Under the Sea Tag Swap happening at the moment? Check out here for more

Monday, July 1, 2013

☆ A Mid Year Tag Swap [are you in?]


I have been thinking about what this swap should be themed, and in honour of Bean + Bug's Mermaid obsession - I thought what about:


I would absolutely love it if you joined me again and swapped cards with other people from all over the world.

{So if you sign up now you have three weeks to create your watery tag!}

{any rules?}
Like before, there are only two rules...

1. Make your UNDER THE SEA themed tag +

2. Send it to your partner.

There is no limit on size, materials used or content.

{who can join in?}
every one is welcome to join - it doesn't matter where you are in the world, or where you are in your creative journey.

I would like to stress that this swap is open to absolutely everyone - if this is your first swap that's fantastic I would love it if you joined us.

{how do i join the swap?}
if you are interested in joining in, leave your name + email address in the Mr Linky Widget below.

{the nitty gritty}
sign up closes Sunday 14th July.

swap partners will be assigned on July 15th.

I will email you your swap partners email address + you can email each other with your addresses. 

Between now + Monday 22nd create your beautiful tag which is when I think we should aim to have our tags in the mail to our partners.

{need some inspiration?}
I have a started a pinterest board with some images that inspired me, along with some under the sea themed tags created by other artists. Feel free to check it out - I will be adding to it as I find inspiring pics.

{can I help spread the word?}
Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to join in, so that would be so awesome! (thanks!)

you can share by clicking on any of the social media buttons located at the top + bottom of this post.

{how do I sign up?}

Below is the Linky tool, and all you have to do is click on the 'add your link' button, and it will guide you through the sign up.

At this stage all I need is you name + email. I will email you later in the month for postal details etc

{anything else?}
Just email me if you have any questions, queries or concerns - I would love to hear from you!

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