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Friday, December 26, 2014

☆ Dino Boy [Friday Art]

Wow - its the last Friday Art of the year! I am amazed that I managed to produce something almost every week this year. Including frantically finishing this off over the weekend so it would be finished + off my desk for the year.

With only a few weeks off for illness or holidays, I am feeling pretty chuffed right now!!

Any for the final Friday Art I have the finished painting of Dino Boy which I shared the work in progress last week.

Since we have had an alternate Christmas this year, (which mean christmas is spent with Macs family) my nephew's won't actually open there paintings until the end of January, when my family all gather together and have another Christmas dinner + gift opening session!

I hope you and your families all had an amazing Christmas day + that your boxing day is relaxed + your belly is feeling less stuffed!

I am taking most of January off, (YIPEE!), but I have a few scheduled posts - of some of my favourite paintings, some of my most popular posts + a few other bits and pieces.

But I will be back in February with new paintings, new posts + a refreshed body + soul.

Happy Christmas everyone + I hope your 2015 is everything that you dreamed big about xx

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

☆ CHRISTMAS BONANZA give away winner! Was it you??

I hope you are all ready for the big day tomorrow, have your stockings hung, the songs playing + the sparkles chilling!

 THANK YOU so very much for your fantastic response to my give away, I am so humbled by how many of you joined in and shared -  I would love to give each + every one of you a prize!

But there can only be one winner + the winner of the Christmas Bonanza Give Away is....

Melliah T


Please contact me with your postal address + I will pop them in the post for you early next week!

Thank you again to everyone who entered.

Every month one member of my Studio News + Snippets is the lucky winner of a prize, so if you want a chance to win a calendar in January, pop over here + subscribe.

I wish you a very merry holiday season + hope that all your dreams come true in 2015.

Now I am off to pop the cork + start celebrating here!!


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Monday, December 22, 2014

☆ Nurture Yourself [Life Book 2014]

By the way - I am having a MASSIVE give away (almost $100 worth of LilliBean Designs products including an original painting, jewllery + gift tags!) I will announce the winner on Christmas Eve. Pop over here to enter.

Week 50 - Nurture Yourself with Kelly Hoernig

I swear life book lessons seem to directly tap into my life + I guess this is why I adore it so much + will be signing up for next years course after Christmas! (It open for registrations now thought if you are interested in joining - pop over to the website here to learn more.)

Any way, I had my final market of 2014 at the farmers markets over the weekend + after I finished the market we had to also go grocery shopping + visit santa for our photos, visit my nan and drop off her presents, but instead of doing all this, I lay down on the pile of cushions I have in my studio and slept.

I slept for hours.

I obviously needed it, because that night I was in bed by 9pm and I slept again.

So doing Kelly's lesson on Sunday was a fabulous reminder to me to nurture myself in these times of business, especially over Christmas when it is busier + more stressful.

I loved how this turned out + I am so excited about finishing Life book 2014 + starting next years. (I've just seen on Tams Facebook feed our first lesson + I am super excited about this one!)

In the new year I will be sharing a flip through video of my life book year so you can see them all together.

By the way - I am having a MASSIVE give away (almost $100 worth of LilliBean Designs products including an original painting, jewllery + gift tags!) I will announce the winner on Christmas Eve. Pop over here to enter.
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Friday, December 19, 2014

☆ One last Painting Before Christmas [Friday Art]

Hasn't Christmas popped around quickly? I can't keep up at the moment, I am moving from one day to the next.

Our insanely crazy weekend is behind us and it feels like there is still masses to do....

Probably because I still have masses to do before next Thursday.

But the thing is, none of the things on my list are things I don't want to do. 

Except maybe make the rum balls. That is always an unpleasant task. The stickiness of the mixture in the summer heat, the rum smelling fingers for days afterwards, the fact I gorge myself on the mixture as I attempt to remove it from my hands and I end up with rum ball hang over....

But in amongst the last of the Christmas prep is this little painting for another of my nephews.

[Ree Ree if you don't want the surprise to be spoiled turn around now!!]

This is for my nephew Rosie (he was the recipient of this painting too) and although he is only one + a half I hope that this is a painting he will treasure for a long long time!

What is your most treasured present? Is there something that stands out as one of the best pressies ever? 

Have a great weekend.

By the way - tomorrow (Saturday 18th I will be at the Cowra Farmers Markets @ the show pavillion from 8am - 12 noon.

So if you have a last minute gift to grab, or need some christmas cards + tags with a difference, pop over and say hi!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

☆ It's Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas [GIVE AWAY BONANZA]

It's time for a MASSIVE XMAS GIVE AWAY!! 

I have been reflecting on how amazing 2014 has been, how many big girl in my big girl pants moments I have had. 

And I know. I KNOW, that a lot of these moments couldn't of happened with out you guys.

Your support. Your kind words. Your funny stories.

Thank YOU. Thank you so very much!

So I am having a massive give away open for everyone. Anywhere! 

One very lucky winner will get: 
  • an original LilliBean Designs Christmas painting - "String of Stars" 
  • a set of six Christmas Gift Tags
  • "Abundance" compact mirror 
  • adjustable Butterfly Ring

For a chance to win almost $100 worth of products - including an original one of a kind GUM TREE FAIRY painting, gift tags, pocket mirror + a butterfly ring all you have to do is SHARE + like THIS post.

 I wanted to make it very easy for you to enter as we are all crazy busy + don't have time to jump through the hoops that some giveaways make you do!

All you have to do is click like or share on the Facebook symbols located at the top, bottom + side of this post. 

BUT... Make sure you share the ORIGINAL post, don't RESHARE a friends post other wise I won't know that you shared it + you won't be included in the draw. If you're not sure you can always leave a 'shared' comment below. 

And so as not to discriminate against non-facebook users ('cause I know there are a few of you out there!) you can just comment with the words 'yes please' in the comments section below.

As this is a Christmas Bonanza give away I will be drawing the winner on Christmas Eve, in between roasting the turkey + opening the champagne!! (or about 3pm Australian EST!!) 

Good luck + thanks. YOU GUYS ROCK!!
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Monday, December 15, 2014

☆ Courage and Celebration [Life Book]

Week 48 - Courage and Celebration with Serena Bridgeman

I learnt a brand new technique through this weeks Life Book lesson from Serena Brigdeman. And I love the effect it has had on my painting. It feels like an old piece of furniture that has been painted many times + has been scratched off over time.

And it was just a humble jar of vaseline which helped make this beautiful texture.

My tiger is my bravery totem + always has been (I'm sure I've spoken about Tiffee the Tiger before!)

The quote resonates with me so much at the moment. I decided to use one that I use a lot in my life!

Have a great week.
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Friday, December 12, 2014

☆ Driving my Digger [Friday art]

This is just a really quick post today - the Night markets are on in town + this is my second last markets of 2014, and probably my biggest one.

It feels like the entire town comes to the party + they close the main street off to traffic, having all the stalls on the road. 

Last year was big, this year will be massive (I hope.)

Any way last week I shared with you the T-Rex Rider. A commission for a friend of mine. Well she asked me to do another one for her youngest boy.

He is obsessed with machinery + diggers are a favourite of his.

But since I am me, I decided on a quirky variation on the traditional caterpillar diggers!

Anyway, I know there will be two very excited little boys opening up their christmas presents this year + that makes me so extremely happy!

Have a great weekend everyone, and if your in the Cowra area, make sure you print off your voucher for 10% off everything at the markets!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

☆ Calendars, Compacts Trinkets, Gift Vouchers and More [LilliBean Designs Spotlight]

This weekend is the second last markets that LilliBean Designs will be attending for 2014. I am planning on having a few weeks off over summer - spending time with the girls, hanging at the local pool, laying under the air conditioning reading some of the books I have been putting off for a suitable time (That is when I can read all day with out the tug of should do's, must do's, have to's!)

And this will be the last LilliBean Designs Spotlight for 2014. So if you are looking for some quirky stocking stuffers, gifts for friends, loved ones or even yourself, you've come to the right spot!


My calendar is an awesome way to enjoy my art on a daily basis. 

They sold out with in a few days,  but I placed another order which is now listed in the LilliBean Designs Store.

AU$20 each + postage (Free for local delivery, $5 for Australian purchases + $15 every where else.)

Click here for more.

I have a small selection of these hand painted notebooks left - they have proved to be so popular with the market crowd! 

They are blank inside so they can be used for sketching, writing your dreams, poetry, grocery lists or to do lists. There are no limits to the uses of these notebooks.

And with christmas around the corner, unique stocking fillers!

$20 each + postage - click here to see the selection available.

Another popular addition to the LilliBean Designs Store are these small hanging wall plaques.

I have been told that they look awesome on door handles, on fridges + of course the wall.

Only $20 (+ postage) you can see the complete range of plaques + canvases here

These are so popular at the moment.

And such an unusual  gift idea.

I have had clients buy them for themselves, their mothers and their children.

My kids begged me for one of their own (I was bombarded for days!)

$15 each they are super cute + fun.

You can buy them here or email me for more details.
I adore this unicorn + it has been popping up everywhere for me this year!

1. Compact Mirror: $15

2. Bobby Pin: $5 for 1

3. Hair Clips: $9 for 2

4. Clip on earrings: $9

5. Charms: $5

6. Stud earrings: $12

7. Lined Notebook: $20

8. Ring: $9

If you would like to purchase any of these items please contact me.

Not sure what to buy? I am offering gift vouchers this year! 

A customer said to me the other day that she was going to send her husband a link to the gift voucher so he would gift it to her this Christmas! 

I love the way she thinks!

Currently I have $20, $30 + $50 vouchers in store at the moment or you can contact me for other dollar amounts.

To make sure you don't miss out you can favourite my etsy store (which will show you updates in your dash board) or check out the LilliBean Designs Facebook page where I will be posting updates.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Flying Free and Positive Self Talk [LIFE BOOK 2014

Week 46 - Flying Free and Positive Self Talk with Tascha Parkinson

I am so pleased with the timing of this lesson, December is the busiest time of the year for us.

And I loved that this lesson allowed me to stop and take stock of where we are up to, what my priorities are +  gives me a handy list of positive empowerment (under my birds feathers) that I can quickly check when I am feeling like shit.

It made me think that I should put these positive items in my notebook that I carry around with me everyday.

What about you? How are you coping with the December madness? Maybe a list of positive empowerment will help you through this crazy month!

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Friday, December 5, 2014

☆ The T-Rex Tamer

I am continuing on the theme of boys this month.

A friend of mine asked me many months ago if I would paint something for her two boys.

When I was painting Fred's 'Scuba Boy' I was inspired to do the paintings for my friends boys.

T-Rex Tamer'
Make sure you pop back next Friday for the second painting!

Have a great weekend.

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