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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

☆ Masterpiece of the Week

So the other week I was doing a little browsing and found this fantastic online site called Not on the High Street which has all kinds of fantastic and unique home and gift items. After looking through the site for ages and my mind buzzing with possibilities and ideas, I came across this:

I have spent ages thinking of a clever idea for displaying the kids art work, with out the hassle of removing it from a frame, or buying a cork board and covering it with fabric, or just blue tacking them to the walls, so I was impressed that such a simple idea could work perfectly for us.

A couple of days later I was in the shed and I found an old piece of board, painted it, painted some lettering, twisted some wire, bought a large peg, painted and decorated it, drilled a couple of holes and voila!! - our very own way to show case the Masterpiece of the Week 

The whole project cost me $2.99 for the peg - everything else was from around the house. And despite a small incident with Bean and some super glue (damn those inquisitive two year olds!) a very easy project!

I love little project like these, and I have filled many of them away over the years for later, when I have my own place, when I am settled, when I have kids .... I guess later is now isn't it?


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

☆ Illustration Friday


I struggled a bit this week with this prompt - old fashioned could be anything from a saying, to a time in history to a style of clothes.

Then Sunday morning I was reading the paper when my star sign seemed to leap out at me:

"A lot of your dramas could be eased by getting some good old-fashioned sleep."

I am not sure what dramas I am supposed to be having but it was too synchronistic to ignore!

Letraset Markers
I am enjoying working with my markers again they give me more control with detailed work that I just don't have with paint.

I just wish I bought more of them before I left Scotland, because they are soooo expensive here...


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

☆ A Bean, a bug and a Fred?

I have had a crazy busy week, so busy I didn't even manage to complete my Illustration Friday idea for last weeks 'Proverb', which was slightly disappointing,  I had a great idea and the proverb I had chosen was 'don't poke a bear with a stick'. It was kind of fitting as last week I kinda felt like a bear with a sore head and Bean's tanties were like a stick prodding my cranky button...

Anyway I decided now that my beautiful, pregnant sister is now on maternity leave and 'freds' arrival is imminent, to go to Canberra to wear her out.. I mean visit, yeah a quiet, relaxing visit! She, however, seems to be in the energetic phase of her pregnancy, (how fondly I remember that time), so I would say to her - 'why don't we go home for a rest?' [read 'I am knackered and want to lie down for a bit!] and she would say - 'Nah, I'm okay, lets go here instead.'


At every sigh, I found myself constantly asking 'are you okay?' I had forgotten that I sighed just as much and made squeaking sounds when bean or bug moved - especially to the end when there was no room left for my kidneys.

Me & Bean

So we had a great time, we went to Floriade, a huge floral exhibition in the centre of Canberra (you can read more here ) There was a petting zoo, which Bean LOVED! and heaps of other creative and play areas. I left my camera at home so I used my sisters but then forgot to lift them off - so I will upload them later.

The next day we went to Cockington Green, which is a miniature outdoor museum, which houses and scenes inspired from mainly English cottages and townships, but has expanded to include international buildings of note.

My fav was the fairy grove

Later we caught up with a friend of my sisters and her 3 year old. He and Bean get on famously, and had a fantastic time eating cake and drinking babyccinos, on their own private picnic blanket - no grown ups or Bugs allowed.

A great couple of days with Aunty Ree-ree and Uncle Ta-Ta (Bean speak), it was great to visit with my sis, to catch up and really talk and to share this time with her before Fred arrives. Hopefully we didn't wear her out too much, she may have been tired of the Ree-ree's from Bean, and I don't know about her, but the day we came home I was in bed by 8.30pm! I was knackered.

Bean hasn't stopped talking about it!!


☆ Illustration Friday


markers & gel pens 

On bad days I sometimes feel like an acrobat, juggling all the balls of life, waiting for the teetering blocks to fall from beneath me, but always secure in the knowledge that I will be caught before I hit the bottom.

There is a better copy here

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

☆ My New Work Area

About five years ago G and I sat down and wrote a loose five year plan - we were at a cross roads in our lives and I guess we (I) decided that a bit of clarity was needed for me, at least, to decide on the right path to take.

So on this list were things like moving to Australia, having children, having enough money in the bank to enjoy a few luxuries, travel and buying a house. Part of this dream home was that there was enough rooms for me to have one dedicated to my 'stuff' (as G calls it!!)

When we started looking for a place earlier this year, having a room for myself wasn't a priority really, we just wanted a place to call ours, to stop feeling adrift, and for me being pregnant a place to nest...

I knew as soon as I walked into our home, that this was the one - and to make it even sweeter, just off the garage was a little room, and my heart instantly claimed it.

So it has taken a while, but my very handy husband has built a desk, I've a huge inspiration board, we've mounted lights, put in an old futon and have storage on every other available space

The desk runs the entire length of the walL

These chairs were a bargain!!
(and there comfy as)

Shelving filled with Ikea boxes. Every one is filled with something!

Close up of my inspiration board

There is still a wee bit to do, maybe a lick of paint, but all that can wait - I just need to find the time to get down there and create.

I love, love, love it!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

☆ A Weekend in Photos...

A busy weekend, lots accomplished, more to do!

Bean Finger Painting
Clearing the Ivy - still! Its grown over, under and through this shed!
We have a huge Lavender bush in the middle of the yard
I think we'll move it to the side
I keep saying I wish we had a [insert plant here] and then one blooms in the yard!  I mentioned Irises to my Nan on Friday and found a huge clump of irises about to bloom on Saturday!
Not sure what bulb these will be? Hyacinths maybe
Out for Breakfast
Going to feed the fish with gran parents
Entrance to Japanese Gardens
I'm Knackered!


Monday, September 6, 2010

☆ My Personal Challenge for September

I am not usually one for setting monthly challenges, especially ones that I have to do daily. More often than not I end up missing a day which turns into two, then a week, which turns into the rest of the month.  I do this a lot and I know this is something I need to address...someday!

Anyway I decided at the start of September that I would attempt a daily challenge, a simple one, one that only requires five minutes a day at a minimum, and one that uses the materials I already have. So digging out the moleskine journal I bought after reading Danny Gregory's 'Creative Licence' I have started sketching a little each day.

I am only 6 days into my challenge, but so far so good. Here are a few so far taken with my iphone..

The only rule I have is that the sketches are to be done in ink - so no erasing mistakes! It makes for some interesting sketching, probably more honest sketching, and slightly frustrating at times - especially when Bean wants to help Mama draw. ('Bless her!' she says with a grimace) 

So we will see what the month brings - I am determined to continue for the month, but life quiet often has other plans!

What creative challenges have you set for yourself this year?


Sunday, September 5, 2010

☆ Father's Day iCard

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

Our day was a quiet affair - I asked G if he wanted to do anything special, but he just wanted a low key day plus he had to study for an exam tomorrow. So low key it was. It helped that the weather this weekend has been wet and wild. Gale force winds swept through the state yesterday, it was reminiscent of when we lived on Raasay - gusting wind, torrential rain, very (very) short periods of sunshine. It was quite nice actually and I felt slightly homesick and very nostalgic!

Anyway a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this cool card idea for G - but as his iPhone is white I adapted the original slightly.

The iCard

Bean's Message to G

G was really chuffed but then started laughing - '3 bars of service from Vodafone - what a joke!'

What did you do for the fathers in your life?


Friday, September 3, 2010

☆ Illustration Friday

'When an irresistible force such as you 
meets an old immovable object like me.' 

This weeks Illustration Friday had me stumped for a few days - until Bean and I had a set to at the breakfast table. 

Bean: "Done!"
Me: "One more mouthful"
Bean: "Done Mummy"
Me: "Just one more"
Bean: "No Mummy, done mummy"
Me: "Please..."
Bean: "Done! Done! Done!"

What followed was a battle of wills, me wanting her to have just one more mouthful of cereal, and her hanging over the side of her high chair, mouth clamped shut, shaking her head, shouting 'DONE, DONE, DONE!' at the top of her lungs. I am not sure who won that round, but I had the idea then of having Bean pose for a few photos and trying to capture immovable.

As she has the attention span of a gnat... errr... two year old, I had about 5 minutes of posing, but I think I captured something that was close enough to the pose I wanted.

Very Sad

Between each photo she had to see the image on the camera, making sure I had taken the photo. Too cute!


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