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Friday, November 30, 2012

☆ ANGEL [inspiration avenue]

I had so much fun with this weeks prompt. I love winged things, and angels are one of my favourite subjects to paint. And this one came together so easily, I was done before I realised it.

Can you believe this is the last day of November? I again, it was done before I realised it. As is AEDM for another year. And although Leah from creative everyday has monthly prompts, I rarely remember to join in, which is a shame because there are so many creative members who join her on her monthly journeys.

But this year it was so much easier to participate, and I think this was due to several things.

1. I gave myself permission not to create if I didn't want to - which meant it wasn't a chore, and I wanted to, needed to do something daily.

2. My brothers wedding wasn't smack bang at the start of the month, derailing me from the word go. (although that was a party I wouldn't have missed for anything!!)

+ 3. I didn't feel the need to finish everything daily. I allowed myself to breathe + live with the painting rather than just churn it out. Which means I didn't feel like I had cheated myself + just painted by route, I actually let myself enjoy each painting.

So tomorrow I will post my final weekly round up for AEDM, + I thought I would try + put together a collage of all my finished pieces, so you can see them all together.

Did you participate in AEDM this year? How did you go? I would love to know you feelings now that the month is over...

On to another subject, and my Christmas Tag Swap sign up was due to close tomorrow, but I decided to give you the weekend to finish, weighing up the pros + cons. So Monday morning (Australian EST) the very first Listen to the Squeak Christmas Tag swap, will be closing to participants.

Thank you to every one who has signed up so far, I am very excited + have almost finished my tag off.

Want to join in? Click on the image below:

Have a great weekend.

Check out the other talent artists participating:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

☆ Whiskers on Kittens [illustration friday prompt]

Whiskers on Kittens

I woke up this morning with the idea for this weeks illustration friday prompt in my head.

I had to put aside my half painted angel to paint this instead.

I can't believe that there are only two days left for AEDM for 2012, it has flown past so quickly.

And I have so enjoyed it. Both participating + seeing everyones amazing creativity.

So much inspiration out there, if only I had more time to visit properly.

I have made some more progress on my Christmas Tag for the swap I am organising.

I am not sure where it is going at the moment. I am trying to create it intuitively and not over think it too much.

If you are interested in joining the swap there are still two days to sign up. I would love it if you would join us!

Click on the image below for more details. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

☆ 2013 Calendar + W.I.P's [AEDM DAY 27]

I am in the middle of a couple of projects right now. And I am pretty excited about them all! 

So I haven't any completed paintings to share with you today, but I have a few works in progress + bits of bits.

I grabbed one of the back grounds from yesterday, and...

... I started my painting for this weeks Inspiration Avenue prompt Angel.

But then I realised that today is the 27th, and I needed to start my Christmas Tag for my swap, so I pulled out everything Christmassy from my stash...

....and I started playing.

But this is all you are going to see until I my swap partner receives it, so it will be a surprise for everyone.

It isn't to late to sign up, so if you would like to be included in my very first Christmas Tag Swap just click on the image below for more details.

I would love it if you joined us.

I was saying to some friends, that I wanted to do something a bit special with my art from AEDM this year, to celebrate my creativity, and that I thought that I would create a calendar. 

They thought it was a great idea, so I decided to go for it.

This is the cover page. 

It seems there are a few artists who are doing AEDM, who are doing this, but if enjoyed my paintings from this years AEDM, you can enjoy it through out 2013. 

I am so very excited about my first calendar, and I have already bought myself one + some for my family for christmas. 

Click Here to see more

Have you thought about how you would celebrate your creativity this year? Do you make a collage, a calendar, a tribute to your work? Or look over all your pieces + celebrate the achievements in each one? I would love it is your shared your stories - I would love to hear how you celebrate.

Monday, November 26, 2012

☆ Storm - AEDM Day 26

Just a quick post today. I was lucky to have a few hours in the studio today. I had two very tired little girls, who didn't want to do much else but hang out in the town pool, or rest in front of the TV. A combination of a big weekend + the heat I suspect.

But that meant I was able to finish off my painting from yesterday..
I named this one Storm - I guess because the colours + her hair reminded me of these freaky storms we used to have in the summer when I lived in Sydney. I assume the pollution had something to do with the colours in the sky, but I remember a sky bathed in yellow, before a particularly nasty storm.

I also started a few back grounds, on some card stock left over from Mr Mac's + my wedding invites. (I have been hanging onto them for six years now, trying to decide what to do with them!)

 And today I wondered what they would be like to create some thing on. So far the hold the gel medium and layers of paper + paint really well. Which is quite exciting to find out.

So who know what will be on these tomorrow. I will paint as I almost always do, where my pencil takes me on the day!

Have you checked out the christmas tag swap I am hosting? Closing date for sign ups is fast approaching - check out more details here

Have a great day

Sunday, November 25, 2012

☆ Week Four - AEDM Weekly Round Up

It's that time again - another weekly round up of Art Every Day Month. And I am sad that there is only one more after this.

Although I did something everyday this week, I only managed a few posts + share them with you. 

The weather has changed here, and temps are over 30 degrees (that's celsius my American friends!)
It is hot. A dry, energy sapping heat, that I am struggling with +  that has brought out with whiny bitch in me.  (And I will stop now, I promise!)

So here is how I spent my second to last AEDM week...

Sunday saw us returning from Canberra, after a whirlwind over night visit, where we spent time with my sister + her family + went to the Justine Clarke concert, which my children just adored!

Once we were home + the terrible two were in bed I started what would become 'Stars + Butterflies'...

DAY 18

I finished off Stars + Butterflies the next day

STARS + BUTTERFLIES (Available for sale here)
Day 20 + I started Hearts All a Flutter

On Day 21 I did something.... but I forgot to take a photo + I can't for the life of me remember what it was. Maybe I did the back ground for Girl with the Dragon Mask....

 All I know is that I didn't finish Hearts All A Flutter until the next day...

 Day 23 - I painted Girl with the Dragon Mask for my nieces birthday. She is four, so although I have heard she liked it, she much preferred the noisy fairy camera we got for here instead. I know that one day she will appreciate it, so I am not offended....(much!!)


Yesterday I dug out my major works from my last year of school. (Gah - that was so cringe-worthy! + I promise that I will share those photos soon.) But I have a project in mind for the end of AEDM that would be a perfect reuse of those old paintings. 

So I covered the original in sheet music.

I also began a new back ground for a little painting, while I was waiting for the glue to dry on this one. I love the colours in this background + I got to play with a new stamp that I indulged in when I went to the art shop in Canberra.

Today, I took it easy again, it is hot + sticky in my studio, so I abandoned it after an hour, and retreated to lying under the fans upstairs.

So that is what I have been up to this week, what about you? What creative goodness did you achieve? If you are on the AEDM challenge, how do you feel now that we are almost at the end of the month? 

Also don't forget:
* LilliBean Designs (my etsy store) has 10% until the end of the month - most of my paintings from AEDM are up for sale now.
* Have you considered join me on my very first Christmas Tag Swap? Click here for more details

Have a great week

Friday, November 23, 2012

☆ Girl with the Dragon Mask

Girl with the Dragon Mask

My nieces birthday was earlier this week, and my brother told me she is having a dragon party this weekend. When ever I paint a picture for a friend or family member, I am never quite sure how it is going to turn out, and this painting, true to form, gave me so much trouble.

The eyes were wonky, the mouth too big, the mask to tricky. But in the end I think it worked out well, and I hope that my niece will enjoy it.

But she is four, and I suspect that she will enjoy the very noisy tinker bell camera that Bean picked out for her instead!

Don't forget that LilliBean Designs shop has a sale until the end of November (I have added many of my AEDM paintings + christmas card paintings) + if you haven't already thought about joining my very first Christmas Tag Swap, I would love it if you checked it out + thought about signing up!


Have you some exciting projects lined up for the end of the year? I would love to hear what you are up to.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

☆ Holiday Sale Code + AEDM update

Happy Thanks Giving everyone.

In Australia we don't celebrate Thanks Giving. And beside the stereo typical images I have of thank giving (you know the abundance of food, and the football, and the turkey + pumpkin pie), I really I like the idea of a holiday of 'Thanks'.

Although I don't celebrate Thanks Giving, in the spirit of the holiday, I would like to give thanks to you all. To all my supporters. 

My family + friends, to all of you guys who give me daily support here + else where on the net, + to everyone who has supported LilliBean Designs by purchasing an item from my store.

So, I would like to offer a 10% discount of every item in my etsy store. (This includes original paintings, christmas products + my mini canvases) 

Click on the pic above check out what is for sale! (And I will be adding some more paintings tomorrow, from my Christmas + AEDM collection.)


And speaking of AEDM, yesterday was one of those days. Those days, where I am happy to emmerse myself into my art. These are the days that I want to paint all day, that I want to keep going until the painting is done. 

But those days for me are long gone. I have two children + a husband, who need my attention, and who I want to spend time with, a family I need to connect with, daily commitments, and seven weeks left until our third child joins this busy family.

So although I was able to grab some time in the studio, I just couldn't find the time to share it with you. I was able to finish off 'Hearts all a Flutter' early this afternoon.

Hearts All a Flutter
Tonight, I have been working on a new painting that I want to give my niece for her fourth birthday, the only catch is I have to have it finished before my parents head her way on the weekend.

And I know, I. Just. Know, that this painting will give me grief.

Before I head back into the studio, have you had a chance to think about joining me and the amazing few who have joined me in my very first Christmas Tag Swap?

I would love it if you could join us, click on the photo below for more.

Thanks for stopping by

Monday, November 19, 2012


Usually on Monday's I would post a painting that has been inspired by an illustration friday prompt. But this weeks 'zoom' has me slightly befuddled. I have about three images in my head which could be appropriate, but, none of them are exactly shouting paint me.

So instead of joining Illustration Friday today, I finished off a painting I started yesterday.

Stars + Butterflies

Before I added the butterflies, she looked so sad and small, not at all who I though she would be when I sketched her.

I hope you are still enjoying AEDM, there are some amazing artists participating. And although I haven't been able to spend lots of time visiting the other participants, the ones I have managed to visit, are amazing in the beauty, talent and sheer creativity. They are so inspiring.

Have you been inspired by the amazing artists that are sharing their work, not just on AEDM but on other websites? I love discovering new styles + artists that I haven't heard of before + I would love it if you shared your favourites!


MY 2012 XMAS 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

☆ AEDM - Week Three Update

Another busy, busy week, but a week where I was reminded quite literally that I need to start slowing down...well maybe just a little!

But I am still managing to keep up with daily creativity as part of AEDM. I can't believe this is week three's round up and there are only two weeks left.

So what did I create this week? (you can click on the paintings or their  captions, to view the whole painting + the my thoughts behind the painting.)

On day eleven I started what would become my star gazer painting. I decided to give myself + everyone else a break from my daily blogging + posted this on facebook instead!

WIP - Star Gazer (not blogged)
 Day twelve and I put aside star gazer + worked on my Illustration Friday piece - 'Tree'. I was inspired by the tree I spent a summer in planning, pretending + dreaming.

Princess in the Tree
On day thirteen, I realised that being 32 weeks pregnant meant I couldn't physically keep doing what I did before pregnancy. And although I managed a lick of paint or two, I was too uncomfortable and only managed a little bit on Star Gazer.

WIP - Star Gazer - shared on facebook

 On day fourteen, I was feeling 100% better - almost back to normal... well as normal as you can when you are carrying a baby! And I finished Star Gazer.

Day fifteen took me in a different direction, and had me paint this girl + I am still not sure of her story.

Day 15
On day sixteen I painted 'Snow Bound' in response to Inspiration Avenue's prompt 'whats through your  window'

Snow Bound
 Today I was inspired by a couple of gum tree leaves + the cherry blossom stamp I used in the back ground, and finished of my blossom fairy today.

Blossom Fairy

Here is the painting in it's entirety.
Blossom Fairy
 So if you are on your own AEDM journey - are you surprised like me that we are at the end of week three? Or are you struggling some? I would love to hear how you are going.

Photobucket   XMASTAG50

                     2012 XMAS 
                     TAG SWAP 
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