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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

Isn't funny how things come about. This illustration began as a sketch of the girls easter present from my gran, (a duck and bunny on a bicycle), in front of the victorian dolls house, that g built over the easter weekend, almost three years after I gave it as a christmas present to bean & him.

I haven't been that happy with my sketching lately - it has been missing something.. a depth, a story, a little piece of my heart... I am finding my way back I think.



Friday, April 22, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

 I struggled with this weeks IF prompt... and in a way I suppose that was a journey in itself.

I sketched a couple of ideas

But I wasn't happy with them.

Finally in the last hours, I created this piece...

I am still not...well... I don't love it, and the colouring is rushed, but I do like how her dress turned out and the stained glass windows. And I would love nothing more to hope in a gypsy caravan, take off and explore the world again!

Have a great Easter break.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

For years I existed... I was bottled.

I ignored my squeak.

I admired and envied those who were bold enough to live the creative life - of those who listened to their squeak.

Now... now I am braver, and trying to live the dream, to finally embrace the squeak.

It is time. I am uncorked, I am developing, deepening and evolving. I am un-bottled.

(Please excuse the photo - crap lighting and i-phone do not a great photo make! I will update when I am get home later this week)

Close up


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

☆ ATC Exchange March

I have been hanging onto these since the end of march - I wanted to make sure my partner received them before I shared them with you.

Aprils ATC Exchange on the willowing network was Red Ridding Hood.

I had so much fun, that I made two extra for me!

These are the two I sent...

And I kept these two...

Some ribbon and home made envelopes for prettiness!

The back of the cards
This months is Umbrella - and all I have at the moment is that Rihanna song running a loop in my head!

Have a great day


Thursday, April 7, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

Taking a break from my other drawing in progress I did a quick illustration for this weeks IF - Duet

Opening my mind and heart to all possibilities,
a perfect harmony in my soul,
a song written just for me,
a beautiful duet.


☆ Work in Progress

Not much happening this week at Casa de Mac, with day light savings and a snotty head cold knocking all of us around. I used to enjoy turning the clocks back, I would pretend that I would wake an hour early and exercise, but in reality I would just enjoy the extra hours sleep!

However when you have two little girls who are used to waking at 7am, and sleeping at 7am, turning the clocks back is a recipe for cranky, tired and grizzly little girls. Throw in a cold and I am ready for the weekend!

So I thought I'd share the drawing I am currently working on....

My Sky Blue pro marker ran out half way through the colouring, so I had to do an emergency order from  Letraset - but who knows how long it will take to get here from the UK, and I am slightly stumped with colour choice for her top, but I am, so far, please with the progress!

Til next time.


Friday, April 1, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

So I've come to this weeks illustration friday in a round about way.

I was watching Bean play the other day, she is in princess mode at the moment, and I was amazed by her beautiful and boundless imagination.

She has no limits, no baggage, no fears. She is a princess - she is a pretty princess, who wears a pretty pink tutu, a pretty pink t-top, and wears cinderetta shoes. She is a princess.

For her, for them, I want them to be princesses, to be who (whom?) ever they choose to be, to not be held back by boundaries, by baggage, and by fears. To toy with reaching for stars, to be always limitless.

'Star Gazer'

Maybe I should start thinking of myself as limitless too....

Have a great weekend

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