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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

☆ Long Weekend Birthday Bliss...

A huge Queens Birthday long weekend for the Mac family with Bugs birthday [hooray!] and my brothers 30th.
Birthday Girl
Three days of food, wine and laughter, three days of long days and short nights and sharing the soap box platform, three days of Bean and her cousin being bestest buddies one minute, arch nemeses and tears the next.

Bugs birthday took on an owl theme - unintentionally the cake was supposed to be an abstract princess castle, but I lacked the energy for that.

Part of her present from us was a hand made owl mobile, and although I have been planing this for months, of course I, the consumate procrastinator left it to the last minute to start.

Still need to be 'mobilised'
Home made bunting - no problem, I'll wip that up the night before! [FYI Sticky velcro spots - good idea in theory, but not so great in practise!]

And finally some work in progress, which I have put aside while I finish this weeks illustration friday.

Hope your weekend was just as much fun as ours - maybe not as tiring though!


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