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Friday, September 6, 2013

☆ I had a snappy title for this yesterday..... [Friday Art]

Don't you hate that?

Yesterday I had a really snappy title for this post. I also had a really cool painting idea, but I was in the middle of painting and forgot to write my ideas down.

I am so annoyed.

I am annoyed 'cause I know I need to write these ideas down other wise I am unlikely to remember them. And lets face it, it's not as if I don't have more than enough note pads + pens laying around, stationary whore that I am...

So once I eventually sat down to paint, I realised the expression on the lion cubs face is exactly the same one my wee Beastie gives me when I scoop her up + away from something she has determinedly + painstakingly crawled to. Usually she heads for the heater or the big glass jar of shells I have on the floor, or the computer cable...
'Progress Interrupted'
[as a side note Mr Mac just asked me if the 'dog' is supposed to look irritated, 'cause if it wasn't perhaps I should take it back into the studio and change it!]

So I can't walk through a stationary department with out purchasing something - so come on guys, make me feel better, confess your secret indulgences and obsessions. You know they say confession is good for the soul!! 

By the way this months give away is open for entries - and is as easy + free to enter as always. Pop over to enter now.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend



  1. I don't think "the dog" looks irritated, surprised?, maybe... baby lion is getting his hug ? I love her green eyes !

  2. I had to laugh that you forget things, that's me to a T, lol, but you are way too young for that sort of thing! But oh, the stresses of life cause such things. Just as well we have our art :). Love your painting - splendid :)

  3. They both have the cutest expressions and it is so very beautifully done! I confess that at the moment I'm addicted to Instagram... :)

  4. Love them :) Especially the expression on the dog.

    I'm really forgetful too... I go upstairs and forget what I went up for (all the time!)

    I love stationery too... particularly notebooks!

    Karen x

  5. Okay first off I am forever getting great ideas I don't think I could possibly forget...BUT I DO...just like you!! So frustrating. I can't think of a weakness now but I have them and had even more when I was younger!! Mine used to be earrings...unique earrings, now more than before it's books I never read... I have every intention and then they sit unread as I leaf through blogs instead...

    Wonderful illustration and the dog looks as though he's enjoying his cuddle with the girl...taking it all in as though he has her wrapped around his little paw!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. gorgeous painting and all I can stay about the comment from Mr Mac is 'MEN'...LOL! have a great weekend. x

  7. Love your colors!
    I do carry a tiny notebook with me all the time to try to write down ideas as they come. :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  8. She's lovely, I adore this one. HPPF!

  9. I hate it when this happens to me. I'm usually in bed just waking up and I'm determent to remember but never do. :) Love your portrait!

  10. Love that expression, just wonderful. And yes, writing it down has become essential or it flies away. xox

  11. how sweet- and such an adorable cub-despite the look in his eyes :). I have pens and paper all over the place.I've learned the hard way that even tho I'm SURE I'll remember something, eventually I forget. My obsessions- pretty papers or a nice vibrant tube of paint!

  12. It is like a dream. In the night we can feel, of course I remember this, but when we wake up, all have gone.
    Your painting is wonderful. I want to look and look at those amaising eyes.

  13. she looks amazing!!! love the eyes!!!! well done!!!Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  14. ha, I'm glad to hear it's not just me that forgets things and I think exactly the same thing - I must write that down but then my butterfly mind flits off in another tangent and I forget to write it down and before long I forget what it was altogether - apart from that annoying little thread in the depths of my brain that taunts me with an idea I just can't quite recall!! I love the expression on the little cubs face - it's kind of 'hey ho, here we go again with the hugs, enough already, I've got mischief to make'!!

  15. Secret indulgences....Ha! If you saw my blog this week you would see a link to my NEW blog...THAT is the topic of my secret indulgence...not unlike your own! This little precious one is beautiful. You are hilarious about the title! Great humour you have!

  16. Love the expression on the cub's face .... And she's a beauty again, as always. I have lots of obsessions, one of them stationary ;-) Another one art supplies. And yet another one: books. Used to have obsessions about underwear and socks too ... Hope you feel better now ;-)

  17. Yes!!! I understand you!!! I have only three things I can't say no to... Books, foam bath bottles and... stationary.... I could buy a whole store of them!!! So, no, you're not alone!!!

  18. I adore the expression on that cub's face! Classic. My biggest weakness is pottery...especially pottery bowls. I have absolutely no need for any more yet I am powerless to stop buying them!

  19. It is a good painting. . .the expressions are fine. I hate to shop, so that wouldn't be a weakness, perhaps Salt & Caramel Gelato (it's new). Blessings, Janet PPF


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