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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

☆ Listening to your Inner Voice [LifeBook 2013]

I have really enjoyed the mixed media process lately. It is a welcome break from the commissioned paintings I have been working (and hopefully be able to share with you all soon!)

Playing with papers, stamps, paints, fingers covered in paint, new tops with paint splatters all over there is something liberating about the whole process.

This weeks Lifebook lesson was lead by Jeanette Maisy House from One Little House, and it was a lovely lesson, using a limited pallet of blue, violet + indigo.

I felt so at piece creating this piece, after a couple of really hard emotional + physical weeks, and I think her face reflects the inner peace I have found this week.

And yet again this lesson was so timely a reminder to keep listening to my inner squeak, to keep reminding myself that it will keep me on the right track, and not to ignore it in this busy + hectic time!

So I want to give you all a gentle reminder to listen to your own inner squeak over the next few weeks, when we are all busy with family + friends, when we can tend to ignore our needs just to get through the day.

And I would love to know how you would spend five minutes for yourself over the coming weeks. 

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  1. Beautiful! I love the colors and her peaceful face, accepting life and relaxing into herself. Happy Holiday!


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