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Monday, November 15, 2010

☆ Busy Times and Sick Girls...

Well it has been a very, very busy couple of weeks at 'casa de mac' - I hope like crazy this isn't the beginning of the festy, oops I mean festive, season. I am not sure we can survive six more weeks of this.

And isn't that crazy - six weeks until the biggest, most stressful holiday of the year. More alcohol drunk than at any time of the year, more chocolate consumed than at Easter and more diplomacy and tact needed than a UN meeting! But that rant is for another post!

 So anyway, our weekend in Sydney was so much fun. We stayed in Manly, right on the harbour, and our old stomping ground. Walking around Saturday morning, having coffee in the rain, the corso empty of tourists, I remembered why I loved living in a city like Sydney.

Later that afternoon going to the mall, not able to find a car park in the entire place, waiting in cues for everything, and having to visit seven shops to find a pair of jeans, for my very picky husband, I realised why I love living in a small town!

The reason we were in Sydney was for my youngest brothers engagement party, and we had a fabulous time catching up with family. Of course Bean was sooo excited to see her cousin they went absolutely feral....

The next day we had a BBQ with family at one of the waterfront reserves, before beginning our 4 hour plus journey home.

But we had one detour to make - to Ikea! I love this giant home wares heaven, I love looking at all the displays, I love the bright colours and sleek designs. My husband tolerates it, and as long as I feed him caffeine he copes very well (although he said he was desperate for a smoke after our time in there and he quit 10 months ago!) My brother-in-law believes that Ikea is straight from hell, and never, ever wants to visit there again.

So Ikea'd up we joined the hordes of other suburbanites wanting to pay for their bulging trolleys full of Ikeaness, and proceeded to spend one hour in a cue to pay for our goods - crazy, why yes we are, thank you very much! Another reason we fled the city when we moved back to Australia!

After such a great weekend, the week following began badly and finished worse. Both the girls came down with colds, snotty noses, hacking coughs, no sleeping or eating. Then they both had jabs - so cranky and unsettled, and to top it off we jumped from 16 degrees (celsius) to hot and muggy 28's. Finally both G & I caught whatever the girls had, and spent the weekend on the couch watching disney movies to entertain Bean....

But after a 7 o'clock bedtime for the girls and me, and after sharing our bed with Bean last night, we are once again a fairly happy family. (Touch wood - quickly touch wood!)

So apart from my IF project, not much art completed, and I missed a couple of days on my sketchbook challenge but will pick it up again tonight. And I also managed to quickly finish week 3 of my Art, Heart and Healing course - will post pics tomorrow.

Hope you all had a better week than us, and that this week is better than the last!


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  1. I know the feeling of having a sick child Poor you. Glad you enjoyed your trip.


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