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Sunday, February 13, 2011

☆ Mystical Magical Makings - Week 3

So I have finally finished my M3 piece for week three. This week we were focusing on safety, protection, compassion, unconditional love and acceptance. All things which angels encompass. We were also focusing on the artist Mucha.

I love Mucha's work, the whole art nouveau movement is one of my favourites. I will never forget travelling through the Czech Republic and seeing his work every where, especially in Prague. Seeing his work on walls in cafes, on menus, in the galleries, really inspired me.

But as much as I love his work, I must admit, I found it difficult to finish my painting. I feel a bit meh about it. I don't love it - but I don't hate it... When I look at it I am happy I've finished and I really like some aspects of the painting, I'm just meh. Maybe I need to tinker with it a bit more...

The roses in the background piece are inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh - a fabulous Scottish artist and architect.

The finished piece..

Looking at it again maybe she fades to much into the background? Maybe it's too busy? Hmm will need to ponder it a bit more now!


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