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Sunday, May 8, 2011

☆ Beginner [Illustration Friday]

I have the most amazing family - I was spoiled, pampered and made to feel like I was queen... or as Bean would say the mama princess! It's mothers day in Australia (not sure if it is in other countries and if so, for all the mothers reading, happy mothers day! x), and I was made breakfast, received big hugs from my girls, and husband, a voucher for some badly needed pampering, had morning tea in the glorious autumn sun with mother and 91 year old nan, given some badly needed me time with G taking the girls to the park, and had the washing put out for me.

I am blessed...

A year ago, I was heavily pregnant with Bug, had just moved into our new house, still homesick for Scotland, I was a beginner in this new life we were building together.

Have a great week



  1. What beautiful color and perspective...great illustration

  2. It's mother's day in the U.S. too. I had to comment when I saw what you said about being homesick for Scotland, which is where I came from 26 years ago. It takes a while to put down roots in a new place. I love all the details in your illustration.

  3. I must have missed this last week when I was trying to look through all of the IF submissions -- glad I caught it this week. This is so wonderful. Such a wonderful beginning in any Momma's life. :-) I will certainly always remember mine.


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