Google+ LISTENING TO THE SQUEAK INSIDE art by Kirstin McCulloch of LilliBean Designs: ☆ Was I Asleep? [Illustration Friday]

Sunday, May 29, 2011

☆ Was I Asleep? [Illustration Friday]

How quickly this last year has gone. Not only has it been over a year since we moved into our new home, and nearly two years since we left Scotland, but in a weeks time my baby, who is no longer a baby, Bug, will be one year old.

How can a year possibly pass so quickly? Was I asleep?

I remember when I was younger that years seemed to crawl by at the pace of a tortoise, I always wanted it to pass quicker, my birthday or christmas, or even the local show day all seemed to take ages to arrive. But now as an adult, I am the exact opposite, I want to savour every day, the girls seem to grow up too quickly and I know that I will be one of those mothers who lament the passing of each year with a (imagine shaky falsetto voice here), 'It was only yesterday I was chasing you around in nappies'..

So this weeks illustration friday image come to me relatively easily, I've been feeling the passing of time keenly this week, and also one of Beans favourite princesses is Sleeping Booty (as she says it!) and we have to read it several times a week (sometimes several times a day depending on the princess de jour!)

So here is my image for Asleep inspired by Sleeping Booty -


  1. I like this Kirstin. Beautiful work. I also commented on Tam's site. I'm also a new follower.

    Kyles =D

  2. Oh wow - thanks for the lovely comments everyone. You've really made my week!
    Kirstin x


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