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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

☆ The Heart Knows [Lifebook 2013]

This weeks lesson from Effy Wild was both fun and healing. She encouraged us to call up our empathy.

And by taking us a over a few exercises and recalling times which we felt empathy, we then applied that empathy feeling to a time when we were hurt either by ourselves, or by some one else.

And then applying that empathy to the person who hurt us.

It wasn't an exercise in forgiveness, but an exercise in empathy.

And I found that it was incredibly helpful for times when I have been incredibly harsh with myself.  When I have yelled at my kids or been cranky with myself for some perceived failure.

In the heat of the moment, it is hard to remember empathy, but I am hoping that with time, and with practise, I might become better at being kinder to myself.

This was such a fun project with a load of mixed media elements, it has a tissue paper layer which gives it that lovely texture!

Have you needed a little empathy this week, to yourself or some one else? This little exercise is a brilliant way to bring attention to it.

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