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Friday, December 6, 2013

☆ Only time for sketches [Friday Art]


It has been a crazy busy week at Casa de Mac. Both Mr Mac and I were down over the weekend with a 24 hour bug. Bug had it too, but she seemed to bounce right back. Mac + I spent the entire weekend moaning on the couch.

Thank goodness for being able to download movies and an all day kids tv channel.

I am sorry to all my PPF friends who popped in last week, who I was unable to visit, but fingers crossed, I will be able to visit everyone this weekend!

We are experiencing crazy weather here at the moment. I mean burning hot winds, humid mornings, hail + wild thunder storms last night + freezing cold temperatures that are reminiscent of winter.

In the middle of one of the wildest storms I have experienced outside of the winter storms in Scotland, Miss Bean graduated from preschool.

She is so grown up now.

And totally ready for big school next year.

So unfortunately there hasn't been a lot of time in the studio for playing.

But earlier this week, I had a couple of minutes waiting for Bean to finish dancing, and had these water colour cards in my diary.

So I pulled them out + doodled a couple of girls. The last one is blank, a little like my brain that day.

These will make really cute gift tags I think.

So how is your Christmas season shaping up? And what creative ideas can you share with me to do in those short blocks of time that I only seem to have at the moment? 

By the way, this months give away is up (a little late - sorry!) and ready for your entry. It is totally easy to enter - just click here.

Have a great weekend


  1. That first one is my absolute favorite! love her!

  2. great tag idea. Little one is ADORABLE . Happy ppf.

  3. Awesome tags! So cute and adorable!

  4. what a cutie pie Miss bean is! they grow up so fast.... beautiful sketches!

  5. aah she looks so cute in her pretty dress. Good to hear you are feeling better, love the sketches. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. Very cute drawings!

  7. very cute gift tags i would say.

  8. Can Miss Bean get any cuter??!! Treasure these days - they fly by so quickly!
    LOVE you watercolor sketches!! So simple and perfect!

  9. Your girls are so cute!! I think my favorite is the purple one :)

  10. Great work! I love the expression on the first one. Congratulations Miss Bean! I hope you enjoy 'big school' next year :)

  11. Congratulations to the adorable Miss Bean!! What a doll she is!! Your gift tags are adorable too!! Now I see where you get all your inspiration!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. Wonderful post. She is so cute.


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