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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

☆ My New Work Area

About five years ago G and I sat down and wrote a loose five year plan - we were at a cross roads in our lives and I guess we (I) decided that a bit of clarity was needed for me, at least, to decide on the right path to take.

So on this list were things like moving to Australia, having children, having enough money in the bank to enjoy a few luxuries, travel and buying a house. Part of this dream home was that there was enough rooms for me to have one dedicated to my 'stuff' (as G calls it!!)

When we started looking for a place earlier this year, having a room for myself wasn't a priority really, we just wanted a place to call ours, to stop feeling adrift, and for me being pregnant a place to nest...

I knew as soon as I walked into our home, that this was the one - and to make it even sweeter, just off the garage was a little room, and my heart instantly claimed it.

So it has taken a while, but my very handy husband has built a desk, I've a huge inspiration board, we've mounted lights, put in an old futon and have storage on every other available space

The desk runs the entire length of the walL

These chairs were a bargain!!
(and there comfy as)

Shelving filled with Ikea boxes. Every one is filled with something!

Close up of my inspiration board

There is still a wee bit to do, maybe a lick of paint, but all that can wait - I just need to find the time to get down there and create.

I love, love, love it!!!


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