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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

☆ A Bean, a bug and a Fred?

I have had a crazy busy week, so busy I didn't even manage to complete my Illustration Friday idea for last weeks 'Proverb', which was slightly disappointing,  I had a great idea and the proverb I had chosen was 'don't poke a bear with a stick'. It was kind of fitting as last week I kinda felt like a bear with a sore head and Bean's tanties were like a stick prodding my cranky button...

Anyway I decided now that my beautiful, pregnant sister is now on maternity leave and 'freds' arrival is imminent, to go to Canberra to wear her out.. I mean visit, yeah a quiet, relaxing visit! She, however, seems to be in the energetic phase of her pregnancy, (how fondly I remember that time), so I would say to her - 'why don't we go home for a rest?' [read 'I am knackered and want to lie down for a bit!] and she would say - 'Nah, I'm okay, lets go here instead.'


At every sigh, I found myself constantly asking 'are you okay?' I had forgotten that I sighed just as much and made squeaking sounds when bean or bug moved - especially to the end when there was no room left for my kidneys.

Me & Bean

So we had a great time, we went to Floriade, a huge floral exhibition in the centre of Canberra (you can read more here ) There was a petting zoo, which Bean LOVED! and heaps of other creative and play areas. I left my camera at home so I used my sisters but then forgot to lift them off - so I will upload them later.

The next day we went to Cockington Green, which is a miniature outdoor museum, which houses and scenes inspired from mainly English cottages and townships, but has expanded to include international buildings of note.

My fav was the fairy grove

Later we caught up with a friend of my sisters and her 3 year old. He and Bean get on famously, and had a fantastic time eating cake and drinking babyccinos, on their own private picnic blanket - no grown ups or Bugs allowed.

A great couple of days with Aunty Ree-ree and Uncle Ta-Ta (Bean speak), it was great to visit with my sis, to catch up and really talk and to share this time with her before Fred arrives. Hopefully we didn't wear her out too much, she may have been tired of the Ree-ree's from Bean, and I don't know about her, but the day we came home I was in bed by 8.30pm! I was knackered.

Bean hasn't stopped talking about it!!


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