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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

The other day I was out to dinner with a few of the girls from my mothers group, and during the course of the evening we were talking about what we did before becoming full time mothers, and whether we would go back to the job we had before our children or if we wanted to do something else.

Aided by a few glasses of chardonnay, I took a deep breath and said "well I would love to be an artist, but that's not going to happen"....

What the?? Did that just come out of my mouth?? Did I really say that, and more disturbingly, is that what I really felt?? Talk about two steps forward, and three giant leaps back!

Two weeks later and a large amount of soul searching, I am going to nurture my fragile inner artist, I am going to love her, and encourage her, praise her and cultivate her, and next time I will say - "Well, I am an artist." Shut mouth now ; )

Here is my response to this weeks IF - Cultivate.



  1. Hi Kirstin! Oh I can totally relate to your feeling...I don't know why sometimes we beat ourselves down. But I suppose ultimately it's the fear of failure...even when we are proud of our own work...if a negative opinion ever comes up we immediately doubt. It's easier to shy away from the whole topic. It takes a while I think, to build up the artist confidence in ourselves and to realize that ultimately it's about how we feel, not others. Even if it's great to get a response to our work :) Wishing you the best on your journey and by the looks of it, I think you've got mega talent! Beautiful illo!!!

  2. Huhh. I have three children, and I can't see my future. :-( I was a petty clerk before them. Nowadays I became more and more antisociated. :-( And I began to draw. I never drew before christmas. It is a therapy for me between two nappy changing. :-) I am not artist, I was a financial chinovnyk (?). And now I have now b plan. That would be no possible to go 8 hours long work, but I can't stay home. I have 1 year at home, and then... I do not know.
    But I know, that every situation have positive side. It is my cultivating time, cultivating my future.

    You drew fantastic, i would like to draw as good as you. You will find your way! A talented and beautiful way. (My English is... not it is not. :-D)

  3. I like this very much -- very nice composition and palette.

  4. Good for you... really. i dont have kids, i do have a full time job and im trying very hard to make it out there as well. i give you a lot of credit. its a gorgeous illustration. :)

  5. Very nice illustration. Makes me think you could write a new movie for Disney. Sure beats all the princesses they usually do :)

  6. Absolutely a beautiful image, and please, please, please continue to nurture your fragile artist, because it will get stronger. It is your true spiritual self and it finally had to have a say. :) :)

  7. You are an artist. The moment you pick up a pencil, camera, paintbrush etc and do something with it you are an artist. I'm like you I would love to be able to support myself via my art as I would love to continue being the stay at home mom I am.

    Super painting, she has a very determined look on her face.


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