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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

☆ Mystical Magical Makings - Unicorns and Faeries

It's a sad week this week... it's the last week of the fabulous Mystical, Magical Makings course run by Tam. Well actually the last week was two weeks ago and I have been procrastinating slightly.. ok a lot and have only just finished my painting. However I am not sure I am finished with the painting. I think I am just resting it.

It was such a difficult piece to start. Not because I was stuck on a composition - I had finished the sketch earlier, but whether it was because it was the last week and I wanted to keep the magic alive (so to speak), or because I had finished a large piece of work just the week before and was a bit lost, or because I have a really bad habit of not finishing things, I struggled.

So determined, and a new week with a positive start (see here) I made it into my studio and started. And once I started it just flowed.

The other artists in the group have been so supportive and so inspiring, and Tam is a fantastic instructor/ teacher. I will be signing up for another course in the future!



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