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Monday, March 14, 2011

☆ When Life Gets in the way...

It has been far too long since my last post. But as I am sure you all know from your own experiences, sometimes life just gets in the road of good intentions.

I intended to post my illustration friday sketch last week. I intended to complete my final painting for my M3 willowing course. I intended to start my 'faery hollow' mural/ collage  for the girls play room. I intended to exercise at least four times last week to reach my first weight loss goal. And I intended to plant a heap of flowers in the garden with Bean for a splash of colour.

You know what they say about intentions - "Good intentions are not enough. They've never put an onion in the soup yet. " ~ Sonya Levien

So life, in the guise of dentists, tooth extractions, sick bean, teething bug, blood tests, a starter motor thats caput, visits from aunts & uncles, and an ankle sprained derailed my best intentions. And lets be honest, does anyone want to read about the wisdom tooth that needed to be pulled out and how it cost $200 for two minutes work?? Do you?? Well... maybe some people do ;)

Any way I have seemed to got it together this week, and yes I know it is only Monday, but lets be positive huh??

So the point of this long rambling post is to share some sketches I have been doing in my journal, they are fairly basic, and I have some ideas for them, but not sure where I am ultimately going - but isn't that the best thing about the artistic journey - sometimes you end up somewhere you never dreamed of...


My Faery & Unicorn for the final M3 class

Have a great Monday



  1. Like the fallen picture. I to can relate to the whole life thing getting in the way. I'm only just getting things back on track as well.

    Super sketches.

  2. Love your sketches, Kirstin. Enjoyed seeing how the fairy and unicorn turned out when it was done/painted. Hasn't Tam's class been great?


  3. Thanks Chibi & Cia. x

    Chibi - sometimes it takes a while to get back on track doesn't it.
    Fortunately it was only a week for me this time, and not six months!

    Cia - I have loved Tam's class - so much so I am looking at doing
    some of her past courses.


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