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Friday, April 1, 2011

☆ Illustration Friday

So I've come to this weeks illustration friday in a round about way.

I was watching Bean play the other day, she is in princess mode at the moment, and I was amazed by her beautiful and boundless imagination.

She has no limits, no baggage, no fears. She is a princess - she is a pretty princess, who wears a pretty pink tutu, a pretty pink t-top, and wears cinderetta shoes. She is a princess.

For her, for them, I want them to be princesses, to be who (whom?) ever they choose to be, to not be held back by boundaries, by baggage, and by fears. To toy with reaching for stars, to be always limitless.

'Star Gazer'

Maybe I should start thinking of myself as limitless too....

Have a great weekend


1 comment :

  1. Your art is really developing, I love the vibrant colours and the topic. May you reach for the stars and beyond.

    Super illustration.

    You have an adorable little girl who makes a wonderful princess.


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