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Friday, October 14, 2011

☆ Fear

This weeks Inspiration Avenue topic was fear and this was such a hard topic to illustrate.

My fears are not really of physical things. Well I'm afraid of spiders, but I really didn't want to illustrate a big hairy huntsman.

I fear big things like losing my family, my girls being hurt, as I am sure most people do. I am afraid of living my life blind, of not fulfilling my dreams, of regret. And I fear an itty bitty black spider that lives in my bathroom.

When I was little I had a stuffed tiger named Tiffee. Tiffee went everywhere with me. To the dentist, to my first sleep over, he was my comfort, my shield for anything I feared.

I still have Tiffee. Although he is much worse for wear now. No more cuddles for me - he just might not survive it!

Have a great weekend


  1. Since I can't draw, I am always impressed with drawing and sketching. Your darling little girl in the drawing and Tiffee look like their love for each other can face the fears that life throws at them. A very effective and beautifully illustrated entry.

  2. I absolutely love the art and illustration here WOW!! Captured it wonderfully!!

  3. Nice post and I love that you didn't do what you fear, but what protected you. I think I have needed Tiffee to help me through the last few weeks on IA xx

  4. I think we all had our kind of Tiffee - or still have it. So important! I had a teddy bear, and so did my daughter. And yes, I still have my teddy bear - and it looks poorly, but well loved.

  5. This is darling, we all need a Tiffee.

  6. So perfect! I think you named all the things that REALLY scare me too. ♥

  7. love your take on fear, what a perfect little tiger, I bet Tiffee scared a lot of your fears away. It's a brilliantly done image too. Thanks for sharing! Also thanks for stopping by my blog, your comment made my day!


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