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Monday, October 31, 2011

☆ Scary? [Illustration Friday]

This painting didn't turn out to be what I invisaged.

She didn't turn out to be all that scary...

more sad than anything else I think....

Lunch Anyone?
©2011 Kirstin McCulloch

...maybe she is sad that everyone else is scared of her? or that her lunch got away?

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope the goblins and witches are not too scary.

Typically Australians don't celebrate Halloween, although it is more common to see halloween stuff in the shops now, and we were caught by surprise here today with six pint sized trick-or-treaters and not a sweetie in the house. We had to make do with glow sticks. What a disappointing house we must have been!



  1. Well, you're right. She is not super scary. Maybe a *bit* scary. I think the fear she most likely causes is fear of rejection because she is such a fetching lass and what young vampire would stand a chance?

    It's quite a lovely illustration with a quiet charm. I love the colors. And the ears. :)

  2. this looks awesome i lov e the detail in the eyes

  3. nice piece love the eyes :) great job!


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