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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

☆ Round Here... [Bug's Mermaid Party]

Many of you know that last week was spent planning for the 3rd birthday of our second child Bug. Well today is her actual birthday + my baby is now a big girl (as she strongly tells me every time I call her baby!)

So on the weekend the rain poured down. The rain had threatened all week, and on Saturday it began, and didn't really stop until 2pm Sunday afternoon - an hour + half after Bugs party finished!

We had planned to have her birthday at a near by park, no mess at home (no need to clean the house!), play equipment for the 20+ children to play on, and plenty of space for the adults to hang out.

But in the end, we had an awesome time at home, Mr Mac quickly cleaned out our garage, I went and bought some crafty things, and we thought of a few games.

Because it was a mermaid party we decided to have a 'Pin the Sea Shell in the Mermaids Hair' game (you know like the tail on the donkey), Bug was going to go as a mermaid, and of course we had to have a mermaid cake!

We had said it was a mermaid party and that dress up was entirely optional - but I really have to have a special shout out to the Thomas' for their beautiful mermaid costumes that their mum had sewn up the day before - they were awesome!

In the end, Bug went as a pirate princess, put her mermaid shell on the mermaids tail, and wanted to eat the mermaid head from the cake. And all the other princesses, mermaids + fairies had an awesome time. 

So happy birthday to my gorgeous mermaid/ pirate princess who will always go her own way, on her own terms + that is such an awesome gift.

Love you.
Mama x


  1. I wish you all the best!!!!!!!!

  2. What a cutie! Sorry to hear that the rain just insisted on making an appearance, but sounds like the garage (very smart) worked out fine for all of those happy children! Such a fun cake, and clever game of pin the shell in the mermaid's hair. Lucky little girl to have such a creative Mom! :) Thanks so much for sharing her party with us! hugs, Kimberly


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