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Monday, December 15, 2014

☆ Courage and Celebration [Life Book]

Week 48 - Courage and Celebration with Serena Bridgeman

I learnt a brand new technique through this weeks Life Book lesson from Serena Brigdeman. And I love the effect it has had on my painting. It feels like an old piece of furniture that has been painted many times + has been scratched off over time.

And it was just a humble jar of vaseline which helped make this beautiful texture.

My tiger is my bravery totem + always has been (I'm sure I've spoken about Tiffee the Tiger before!)

The quote resonates with me so much at the moment. I decided to use one that I use a lot in my life!

Have a great week.
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  1. Kirstin, this is FABULOUS!!!! I LOVE your interpretation!!! Your girl is so pretty and the tiger is absolutely adorable. I love the hair on your girl. Oh, to have hair like that!


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