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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

☆ This Changed my Life [The Amazing Life + Biz Workbooks]

Can I tell you how much I love this time of year?

Well OK, I could do with out the sweltering hot days which remind me that the oppressive heat of summer is still around the corner. ("It's still spring" I cry!)

And I could do with out the reminders that Christmas is only four weeks away and freaking hell, I still haven't started most of my shopping. (Freaking out commencing now!)

But what I love about this time of year, is that I am brimming with ideas, it's my most productive in terms of making plans, what I want to paint, create + how I want to live.

The problem I have had in the past is that I often can't corral these thoughts, ideas and plans into a workable format.

And then, three years ago I found Leonie Dawson + her amazing life + biz planners

Money was super tight at the time, and although it was only about $20 for both the life + biz planners, I have to tell you I read heaps of reviews + watched every you tube video I could find.

And it changed my life.

Suddenly I had a concrete plan. I had a vision + focus. I knew what my steps were + how I was going to move forward with both my life goals and my business goals.

And this week, I am doing my 2015 workbooks.

My brain is exploding.

I know setting goals + intentions for the coming years isn't for everyone. I know that for some it would be torture to fill out the work books.

But for those like me who enjoy the process of goal setting I can't recommend this product enough.

In the interest of full disclosure you should know I am an affiliate which means if you purchase through any of my links I receive a percentage of the sale.

But even if you don't use my links, I can not recommend Leonie's work book + planners enough and for the price of a few cups of coffee, my life has been totally changed.

Check it out! I dare you!

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  1. Well you've convinced me! Just ordered the biz ebook-I defintely need to wow down and clarify my goals for 2015. Thank you. X

  2. Good luck Nic - I hope it helps you as much as it helped me!! xx


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