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Monday, December 6, 2010

☆ Christmas Trees and Advent Calendars

I hope you all savoured your weekend! What did you do to stay present?

I am not sure in the end that we savoured our weekend, we seemed to be in and out all weekend - xmas tree purchasing, craft shop madness, work parties, lunch with the parents - we both felt like we'd be away all weekend!

But we have our tree - it may be a plastic fantastic tree, but it won't die before xmas day and drop all its needles, and it won't be a disappointing droopy tree with threadbare branches, and no proper point for a star! Does anyone else from Australia find they're disappointed with what their christmas trees look like?? That they never live up to the stereotype of what a xmas tree is supposed to be?? I guess I really am a shallow creature when it comes to xmas trees cause I usually embrace the quirky and unique!

Anyway - we haven't put it up yet because we are waiting for it to come up in the advent calendar I made for the girls - well for Bean, cause really although I think that Bug is the smartest thing ever, she is really only six months old ; )

Bean was given this by her granparents when we had Bug and it comes with 6 mice - but ever since she recieved it all I could think was 'advent calendar'! So we bought some sticky foam numbers, and I spent the last week before December One, filling the pockets..

with things like - make cookies, go for a swim, have a baby cino, go to the play park and watch a xmas movie, (any suggestions for good xmas movies for a two year old - I suspect 'It's a wonderful life' would be slightly above her head!)

as well as some little trinkets, hand made felt tree ornaments and a few sweeties.

So that's what I've been up to this last couple of weeks, along with the odd sketch, and the cross stitch I dug out that I feverishly worked on for about three days, before again putting it aside again for my pens and paints!

Have a great Monday


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  1. What a delightful Advent Calender such a wonderful idea. I just in the process of decorating the one room we will be spending the winter in as its warmest room in our house. My little boy love the sparklies.


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