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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

☆ Illustration Friday

I have to say that inspiration for this weeks prompt was very slow in coming. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to do, how it looks before I even put pencil to paper. Other times, like this week, I have no idea. I am blank.

After a quick google search (gotta love the internet) on phenomenon, I thought I would try something outside my comfort zone. No plan, no initial drawing, no practice. Free fall.

And this is the result...

I am not sure about the result - I left it open on the coffee table yesterday to just mull over it, stand back and look at it, not sure if it was finished or not, and I am still not sure. 

But what I do know for 100%, is that if I tinker with it any more I will wreck it!



  1. Hum if there was something I would love to see it would be the aurora borealis. Must be so nice to watch and knowing that the lights are your planet protecting you from the solar winds.

    I know what you mean about the illustration Friday word creating a blank.

  2. You chose a wonderful phenomenon to illustrate. I like the way the trees tilt this way and that. Maybe they're trying to get a good look too.

  3. I love how you've done the trees and the wolf. I also really like the title of your blog. Lovely illustration

  4. I love the wolf singing to the aurora...

  5. I thought about that too after a google search on phenomenon. I decided that there was no way I could draw this. But I think you did a really good job. And wolves rock !!

  6. I had a really hard time with this topic too. And I think just "going for it" is a fine approach. Maybe not all the time, but certainly regularly, and there are a lot of things to like in this picture. The canting trees that seem influenced by the absolutely luminous northern lights.


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