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Friday, December 3, 2010

☆ Illustration Friday

So what a crazy couple of weeks - and this week was no exception! Although my girls are feeling much better, and we have teeth (finally thank god!!) my other half has been away working all week and it has rained and rained and rained....and rained!

What the?? Isn't summer in Australia all about the endless, hot, baking hot, days, nary a rain cloud in sight let alone a few wee drops of rain? Not only that but it is snowing in the UK and the hills of Skye that I would see out side my bedroom window every morning are absolutely covered in snow - I miss Scotland so much around this time of year! The rainy days make me feel like I am back home again.

The Cuillin Hills of Skye.
To paraphrase author of 'Almost French', Sarah Turnbull - It's a terrible thing to love two countries...

I am torn.

Anyway this is not really what the post I had intended to write ; )

The point, I guess is that this weeks Illustration Friday prompt struck home a bit - savour.... savour life, savour the wee moments of your day, stay present, and don't wish away the weeks, don't mark your time here.

(Of course being of a slightly dyslexic nature I checked the IF page a couple of times to make sure it was savour and not saviour - HA! I just had to check again!!)

So just a quick sketch for the prompt this week - trying to stay present and savour my girls, meant very few minutes for me this week!

I have lots of great little projects that I have been into to share with you later and hopefully I will have more time to post next week too.

Have a great weekend - savour it and let me know how you did.



  1. a sweet drawing and lovely interpretation of the theme.

    (I also had to keep checking that it was Savour and not saviour) - I am also in Australia - Sydney !

  2. What a lovely illustration! And I sure do appreciate what you have to say too. I so agree with the need to be PRESENT and savor what's there. Most of my colleagues (and students) are always wishing for Friday, or Spring break, or summer vacation, but I refuse to do that, because then I am wishing away my life. I want to love my Mondays just as much as any other day. And it goes so fast anyway. My boys were both just babies, and now one is in college and the other going to be next no time at all.

  3. I'm in absolute agreement, savour the little things, and the little people too. Cute sketch and beautiful scenery.


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