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Friday, July 12, 2013

☆ What do Mermaids have as pets? [Friday Art]

What do Mermaids keep as their pets?

I asked Miss Bean this question this week - she told me that mermaids had pet fish like Flounder from the Little Mermaid, but then Miss Bug piped up and told me with total certainty that they had sea horses as their pets.

And this is the inspiration for this weeks Friday Art.

I love the idea that mermaids could have a menagerie of pets in cages in their mermaid grottos.

A4 acrylic + water colour.
Available for sale - email for details
I has me thinking... what would you keep in your mermaid grotto? I would love to know!

Before I leave you all to have a fabulous weekend, don't forget to sign up for the 'Under the Sea' Tag swap - sign ups close Monday. I would love to see you join us.

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Have a great weekend


  1. Your little mermaid is so sweet. Never thought about what mermaids would keep as pets, it's good that you have daughters to advice you ;-)

  2. Gorgeous green eyes! What fun you had painting this wonderful picture! Like the idea of the seahorse as a pet, although I wouldn't put it in a cage! patsy

  3. Your Mermaid is beautiful love the whimsical look of her. Had never thought what I would keep in my mermaid grotto think it would have to be something shiny and sparkly.. I think maybe a starfish would be something that a mermaid would keep, as they could have part of the sky in the sea..
    Happy PPF
    Sandy :)

  4. interesting question Kristin and your beautiful mermaid has chosen an ideal pet, so cute. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. she is absolutely darling!! I guess I'd pretty much welcome any sea creature in my grotto-but without cages :)

  6. Lovely! What would I have as a pet? Wow, um... a dolphin, perhaps? Or a sea turtle. Oh wait! A pretty jelly fish!!!

  7. Kirstin, your mermaid with the seahorse is wonderful! You are so talented.

  8. Love your mermaid! Her pet would be my first choice-a seahorse.

  9. If I were a mermaid I would keep a Cuttlefish as a pet - they are so cool and they throb with color - love looking at them when we go to the aquarium. My second ocean pet would be a Weedy Sea Dragon - they look like something out of Dr. Seuss!

  10. So lovely! Of course they have sea horses as pets! :)

  11. Little girls would certainly know what kind of pets a mermaid might have! Her little seahorse is so sweet:)

  12. Brilliant idea for a mermaid pet! I would also think starfish! Love your sweet painting!

  13. Aw, such a sweet mermaid with her My little sea pony =)
    Happy PPF, have a great weekend.

  14. So cute!! Adorable lil' seahorsie

  15. I love the idea of having a seahorse and a starfish would be fun as well...maybe I'd add some sea anemones as well. They'd be great fun to play with. What a fun question to consider!

  16. this is a cleaver painting. I like it a lot

  17. I love this! I think my mermaid would let her seahorse drape around her neck! I'll have to think some more on this--food for thought!

    Happy PPF!


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