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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

☆ Bean Turns Five ['Round Here Lately]

 Miss Bean is Five.


Holy Smokes.

Where has the last five years gone. Was I asleep?

So my big girl is five, will start school next year + wants to be an painting teacher when she grows up.

And now she is five, her Barbies have come home from their lengthy holidays.

{some of you asked for this story so here it is...}

Since Bean was able to say the word barbie, she started hounding Mr Mac + I for her own barbie.

And while I don't have major issues with barbie dolls, although I do feel there are better toys out there for girls, I just didn't feel they were appropriate for a two + a half year old.

Plus I just couldn't be assed changing the cloths 100 times a day, putting on the shoes that keep falling off + rescuing them from a well intentioned hair cut.

So Mr Mac + I decided that when she was five she could have a barbie, but while I managed to stop the barbie onslaught from relatives + friends, a few slipped through.

Mean Mama that I am, I promptly sent them off on holidays, and they would come home when she was five.

So the night before her birthday I raced up to my mums, raided my old barbie stuff, found my sisters pink corvette + put them outside the front door, in the car with a suitcase.

When she came down stairs, I asked her to see who had been knocking at the door, it was really irritating me - this tapping, but I thought it was for her.

Her face - priceless! It made all the questions about when Barbies we coming home worth it.

So my beautiful Bean is now a 'big girl' - complete with her big girl attitude (and big girl tanties that go with it!)

+ I can't wait to see where the next five years take us!

Love Ya Jelly Bean!


  1. she is super cute and what fabulous cake.

  2. Happy birthday to your dear girl!!!! Loved the barbies myself...

  3. Happy Birthday :)

    Your daughter looks beautiful as does that cake!!!!

    Karen x

  4. Priceless... and wonderful way to put the Barbies off- "on vacation." Love it! :D


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