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Monday, August 26, 2013

☆ Messages from your Soul [Lifebook 2013 week 23]

This weeks lesson was again from the fabulous Tam Laporte. A mixed media/ journal style page, exploring the messages that my soul was trying to say to me.

The phrase that my soul kept whispering to me during this lesson was 


What if I didn't eat that chocolate bar?

What if I didn't stress when something went awry?

What if I didn't go to bed at midnight?

What if I didn't?....

This phrase is so much more powerful for me than what if I did?

For example, "What if I didn't go to the studio at rest time?", 

Well then I would feel guilty for wasting this precious me time, so I would sit on the sofa surfing or something like that, feeling guilty for sitting there, so now feeling like shit, I will head to the kitchen for something comforting to eat, oh look there's left over cake from Beans birthday, and and I need a coffee   so I may as well make a latte, and look there you sitting for two hours, wasting all this time + stuffing your face with stuff you are not even hungry for..... (oh my little bitch is so vicious at times!)

Another day I might ask that same question and have a totally different answer. 

I might have done all my planned work, I am reading an awesome book + a little tired because wee beastie is teething, so today it would be totally ok to not go to the studio.

So back to this weeks lesson. My soul whispered 'What if I didn't' + this is the page I created.

The cute whimsy bunny is the keeper of my whispers.

This journal page was created in my Dylusions journal, a mixed media collage, water colour crayons, graphite pencil + black + white markers.

Tam's lessons are always super fun + cute, while delving into some of my deeper issues. 

So what would happen if you didn't? Have you thought about this lately? What if you didn't? I would love it if you shared with me.

I am almost half way through lifebook 2013 - this is where last year, I became derailed + only sparadically did lessons, but I am not feeling like I should be doing the lessons, which for me means I am happily plodding along!

Have a fab week


  1. I Love love love your bunny, he looks very wise...I love this idea too. You continue to amaze me with your strength and wisdom. You're so awesome :)
    "What if I didn't put so much pressure on myself" I might give it a go this week. Thanks for the insight xx

  2. I may try this myself... thanks for the inspiration :)


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