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Monday, August 5, 2013

Why a mini-vacay IS important....

I'm back. 

I wouldn't say I am relaxed, rested or ready to jump back into the swing of things, but I have really enjoyed my mini-vacay. 

I call it a mini-vacay or mini-break, because I didn't go away anywhere, I didn't stop the daily scheduled family events, but I had a break from all things LilliBean Designs.

I was feeling uninspired and unmotivated + all I really wanted was to hang on the couch and read some really good books.

And so I did. I read some truly addictive books (I told Mr Mac they were like really good drugs. I just. couldn't. stop...), watched some truly awful television (why? WHY? I will never get that time back...), and I spent a whole evening pinning to my little hearts content, lost in the world of pinterest, pinners, and DIY (that I will never do) + I am totally unrepentant about it.

For two weeks, my usually busy brain switched off, I didn't check me emails first thing in the morning. I didn't have to do lists with ten, twenty things on it. I didn't even paint.

I wasn't paralyzed by the stuff I had to do.

But here is the awesome thing! I found that in switching off, some truly awesome ideas have sifted to the surface.

And because I switched off, I could actually take the time to explore these ideas.

And I can't wait to share them with you.

But not yet!! Soon though.

So anyway, here I am again! 

And I hope you will pop back on Thursday to see what this months give away will be + again on Friday to see if I actually managed to open the studio door and paint something for this weeks Friday Art.

I would love to know have you taken a mini-break from your busy life? How did you spend the time?Did you enjoyed it? Did you have some awesome ideas? Feel relaxed + refreshed? 


  1. Welcome back - I did wonder where you were at PPF the last week or so!! It sounds very healthy to do what you did especially since you didn't leave home so your pc and art studio were right there beckoning you! Sometimes it's good to have a break just to recharge the creative batteries. I'll look forward to seeing what you've been inspired to do.

  2. I myself just took a break of sorts... I had a hysterectomy on Tuesday, and only really returned to anything online OR creative yesterday... the break was nice, and needed. I still have my Etsy shop on vaca mode because I'm not up to taking on an order quite yet :) I DID veg out and enjoy some of Shark Week!


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