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Friday, October 11, 2013

☆ The Christmas Carollers [Friday Art]

It is far too early for Christmas Carollers, but I wanted to make some new Christmas Cards for this year.

I love Christmas music, from the 1st of December, my ipod is loaded with my entire massive collection of Christmasy songs.

And every year, we go to the Japanese Gardens, with our snacks + drinks and listen to carols in the heat of the summer evening, watching the children run wild + dancing to songs, while being eaten by the mozzies the size of a small bird.

Very different to the stereotypical carollers, dressed in their winter finery, knocking on doors + singing a Christmas song - does this really happen or is this another Hollywood myth??

Anyway - my cards are very different from my Christmas Fairies of last year.

And to my shame, I am currently stalking my postie, waiting for the new cards to arrive.

Every day this week, when I hear the postie bike, (+ if you live in Australia you will know that distinctive postie bike sound!) + I race out to snatch the mail from his hand...

Well, ok, not really but I am super excited to see them + they should be here any day now!

But because I couldn't wait to share it with you all, here is a sneak peak at one of the designs on this years cards.

So are you a Christmas carol fan? When is it too early to listen to Christmas music - and please tell me... Do people actually go carolling??

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I hope you have a great weekend.


  1. as a kid we went carolling all the time. carollers came to our house too. . .in todays world I don't think people want to - what a shame. your card is beautiful.

  2. Ha, I laughed when you said from 1 December you have the Christmas music playing as I am exactly the same!! I love the old rat pack crooners singing Christmas Songs and of course al the usual suspects that get wheeled out every year like Wizzard and Slade! I can't imagine Christmas in a hot place - I did have one Christmas in Tunisia once but I missed the proper Christmas weather! Your carollers are lovely - where do you get your cards printed? I've thought about that but just print mine off on blank card stock myself as and when I make a sale!

  3. Gorgeous! I love their long white icy hair and carolers are always fun I think. Lovely card!

  4. You are very inspiring Kirstin. Good on you for being so organized. This image is beautiful.
    I'm not into Christmas caroling, however, I too love to listen to the cheerful sounds of X-Mas music once December hits. I find it very uplifting and it certainly gets you into the X-Mas spirit. I hope you and the family are well. Hugs, Kyles xoxo

  5. The truth be told I am anxiously awaiting when I can put up my tree....which is artificial...but we love decorations... that often happens mid November sometimes even earlier. We start listening to carols then the car and on a tv station that streams a huge variety or new and old carols. Yes I have caroled in neighbourhoods and at old folks homes when I was a kid....we also caroled in my old neighborhood ...people do it in the Malls all Christmas long. So yes it's done...and we all pray for snow around the season! Your choir girls are them...wonderful tribute to your own daughters!!

    Enjoy the season.... we love the festivities and decorations! Make your own traditions that will never be forgotten!! We all have them!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. I used to go carolling as a kid in the Girl Scouts. Haven't seen any carollers in a long time now. I do love Christmas music but refuse to listen to it until two weeks before the holiday.It absolutely drives me nuts to hear it in July when places have special sales and things for a "Christmas in July"!
      Your card is so joyous and beautiful and anyone lucky enough to receive one will be delighted with such a special gift.

  6. A very artful and lovely card. I like it very much.


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