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Thursday, October 24, 2013

☆ New In Store [A LilliBean Designs Spotlight]

So, I have been busy updating the LilliBean Designs Store + after stalking the postie all last week, I have some delicious new cards to share with you!

I am so happy with how these turned out! And although we won't mention the 'C' word again until after  Halloween (at least!) These are ready and in store now. So if you are starting to gather your 'C' gifts together, make sure you have the perfect card to go with them.

The original paintings of Christmas Wreath + Christmas Carollers are also available in store for just $59  ea + postage

And don't forget I also have these gift tags for the every day gifts.

I was so excited to open my box of goodies + see these gorgeous glossy post cards!

There are ten in total to collect - You can grab five for just $7.80 (+ postage). Post cards are a fabulous way to collect art. I have them all over my house, even framing my favourites so I can see them every day.

You can also find some of my recent paintings (I love this one!)

Several of you have emailed me asking if I am making a 2014 calendar - and YAH! they are coming shortly!

I am just about to order some so keep an eye out for them next month - they will be appearing very soon!

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