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Friday, October 4, 2013

☆ The Protector [Friday Art]

I love painting for my family. Especially my nieces and nephews.

Their delight + wonder when they open their presents is such a buzz for me. I recently told you about my new nephew, but what I didn't tell you was that I was secretly hoping he was a she.

Not because I have a preference for girls, but because I wanted to paint a painting to celebrate our new addition + I have no confidence in painting boys.

I love painting girls, I love their sweet expressions, their big eyes, pouty lips + awesome wardrobe.

Boys, I am not so sure of, I always thought I made them too girly, to sweet, and I really have to investigate wardrobe ideas - jeans + tees see to plain some how.

So I knew I had this painting to do + I knew it was for a boy. But I didn't know how to translate this into my style now.

After lots of research, and many sketches, I discovered, that after all this time, my belief that I couldn't paint 'boys' was actually not true.

Along with, I am not an artist, 'I only paint girls' was just another lie my little bitch would whisper in my ear.

Anyway, I love how this turned out. You may recognise the dragon as Toothless, from "How to train your Dragon" (such a very cool movie by the way!)

My scanner is playing up at the moment, so the image is a little washed out, but you get the gist!

Have you discovered that your little bitch has been telling you lies again like I did? I would love it if you shared with us.

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  1. You certainly can paint boys and would recognise this as one of your paintings anywhere. Happy PPF, Annette x

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  5. It's pretty clear you can paint boys! This is fantastic! Such a super style that is clearly all yours :)

  6. Well, that clears up any misconceptions about your ability to paint stunning boys as well as gorgeous girls!! I love him - he's got those innocent eyes which are your trademark to me plus a little bit of teenage angsty attitude!

  7. Obviously you paint boys equally as beautifully as you do the girls Kirstin. He is awesome!! We all need to banish our little bitches :)

  8. you paint boys beautifully as well ... this is very cool... and I really hope you paint more like it... it would be a wonderful series...xx

  9. Oh you are amazing...shut that bitch down girl can do anything and are an amazing artist!! I am waiting on a book with all these characters. She is a liar liar pants on fire.

    Yes I know my problems is I need more practice and experience... but this I know for whole life I have been a suppressed artist doing creative things and not realizing that was my problem! My bitch is always there...I hate what I did this week...but I like I do...eventually I will get better!! You always inspire me!! How about you draw and paint your little bitch and then put her in her place!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. He is adorable! Love his face. :)

  11. Your painting is amazing! You can definitely paint boys as well! Giggles cracks me up! It would be fun to do that painting :)

  12. He is amazing!!! You can draw anything you want!!! Have a great week!!!

  13. Oh you are absolutely amazing...whatever you create...[paint is always so full of life, vibrance and positive energy...I always enjoy every bit of it !!!
    So JUST BE :)

  14. Daily, I am bullied by, and am tempted to wrestle with, my inner critic-bitch. But have begun to shake that feeling a bit, by not engaging with her. Seems that much like a petulant child pestering me for attention, ignoring 'the bitch' shuts her up fairly fast. And once I am mid-mess, creating (and achieving as many layers of color on my cuticles as on my canvas) she tends to slink back into the forgotten corners of my mind.
    Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a LONG blog post where I processed how comparison really CAN be the thief of joy, as well as any enthusiasm for my own creations.
    So, instead of comparing your stellar work with my own, I shall admire you from afar and merely attempt to practice. Practice, practice, practice... Though I'll never be perfect, perhaps eventually, I will begin to appreciate my own art, in all its imperfect glory.


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