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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

☆ Embracing All of You [Life Book 2013]

Tam's lesson for Life Book week 27, was to embrace all of you - the great and the not so great. 

She has been visualising this page with a whimsey girl in a boat, and it looked so darn cute, I decided to follow the lesson fairly closely.

In the end I loved the play that resulted in this page, I used inks, collage, paints, texture paste, glitter glue, PVA glue, acrylics. So much fun. I smooshed and blended using only my fingers. I used a paintbrush only for the finer parts of the painting, and my hand these lovely colours all over them + I loved it.

(I spent the next week picking paint + pva out of my finger nails! LOVE. IT)

Anyway, in the end I love this page. Everything just came together to become a page I a so happy with!

I also love that this page pushed me a little, to embrace the crappy parts of my life + personality, forcing me to acknowledge the ugly to push through to the good. 

Have you done something just for the fun of it lately? Or have you started something that was uncomfortable to begin with, but in the process became a source of fun + joy? I would love it if you shared with us below.


  1. Oh she is so adorable...what's not to love about this little one. Yes I posted my art for ppf that I wasn't that happy with but it was fun to do and kind of got my point across....sometimes things aren't roses and butterflies but we do them housework!! lol

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Oh my! That is a crazy adorable page! Her little face is so sweet and the ocean waves are beautiful. Truly a wonderful whimsical piece of art. :)


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