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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

☆ LilliBean Designs Spotlight [February]


So much has been happening this first six weeks of the year, challenges + changes that were expected + unexpected. Changes + Challenges which also include LilliBean Designs. 

I have been slowly making some much needed changes to this space, which are very needed, but I have also created a new site LilliBean Designs which showcases the art that I have created. My entire catalogue will eventually uploaded here, you can see original art, journal pages + life book art.

In the store there are some gorgeous pendants which feature some of my more popular paintings...

(you can click on the pendant name to see more)
1. Escape  $16.50 + postage
2. Lion Tamer  $18.50 + postage
3. Uncertain Angel $18.50 + postage

Just arriving + not even in store are these cute notebooks! They are soft cover, ruled line + are approx 12.5 x 20.5 cms (or close to A5 size).

Great for journal writing, list writing, they will fit into you hand bag, on your desk, or in the car. I love how vibrant my art looks on these + I carry one everywhere!

 They are $12 each + postage + there is only one of each in stock right now, but I am happy to customer order if a design you want is sold out, or if there is another art work you would prefer on the cover.

1. Pink Fairy
2. Uncertain Angel sold
3. Blue Eyed Fairy sold
4. Blue Feathers sold

Looking for something original, affordable and unique for a gift, a reward or just because? LilliBean Designs store has original affordable and unique paintings for sale.

Mistress of the Ring is a mixed media painting - combining water colour + acrylic paint + paper elements.  It's an A4 sized painting which fits perfectly into document sized frames.

You can purchase this painting here for $59 + postage. SOLD The inspiration behind this painting can be found here

Check out the store for more paintings, cards + tags.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the items I have in store. Please feel free to email me your questions, queries or concerns.

Have a great week!

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