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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

☆ Simple Butterfly Fun [Creating with Kids}

This week I have a simple Creating with Kids project to share with you. 

And the best thing about this project is there was minimal mess + very little clean up. {Bonus for me as one who detests clean up!!}

So I was talking with Bean about what she would like to do, and of course she wanted to do an art lesson with me. (Love. This. Kid! She is totally a girl after my own heart.) But this day, I had some   pressing work to do + I didn't feel like dragging out all the paints + stuff.

Then I remembered I had some butterflies that I found in a $2 shop + I had a heap of scrap paper lying around + a brand new glue stick.

So we went to the studio + I dug everything out, but the butterflies, because of course I had put them somewhere 'safe' and couldn't find them.

I improvised with paper plates + a butterfly template that I downloaded from the internet (Just google butterfly template there are stacks).

I think these worked better any way, the curvature of the plate gives them a beautiful line.

I found the craft store butterflies a couple of days later + both girls are still (a week later) happily busy decorating their butterflies.

Bug + Bean are working toward making enough butterflies to hang from their roof and make it look like a magical butterfly world.

The best thing about this project is that I can pull it out + we can collage for five minutes before dinner + it is so simple to pack away. All our supplies are stashed in a shallow box that lives on our dining room table.

Do you have any simple projects that you can do for five minutes at a time? I would love it if you shared it with us.

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  1. Your butterflies are so beautiful!!! My little ones have taken up collage too these days and we have many beautiful artworks around the house!!!


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