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Friday, September 26, 2014

☆ Dreaming in Colour [Friday Art]

Week 39: September 2014

Ok. I admit it....

I am slightly obsessed with dream catchers.


It may be more than slightly.

This week I was blessed with a day on my own. A day where I had nothing planned, not social events, no should do's, could do's, have to's.

Although I had prep to do for the markets I am at tomorrow. (I am at the Sakura Matsuri festival at the Japanese Gardens in town.) I knew I didn't have to start it then.

And I have been thinking about another dream catcher painting. The last one I did earlier this month was such fun to paint, that I began thinking about a huge painting for above my bed.

A big painting that has a rainbow of colours, that would be bright + soft + have meaning.

I am not a huge fan of traditional canvases, and I love the way the water colour smooshes around  the page. The way you can layer colours so beautifully. The way you can never really plan what's going to happen with the painting.

So I know this painting has to be on water colour paper.

But I also want this painting big. HUGE. And I don't have paper that size here. And I couldn't duck out to the art shop (it's two hours away), so I thought I would start smallish (it's 29 x 42 cms) + see where playing would take me.

And I spent the next 8 hours painting.

It was BLISS

Pure and utter bliss.

"Dreaming in Colour"
29 x 42 cm Water colour on paper.
For Sale - $180 (unframed) + postage  SOLD
Contact me for info.
It's days like these, days where I can be totally connected to my painting + wild with my time + paints that balance me.

Days like these are rare + valuable and I treasure them.

If they were a weekly event they wouldn't be so special, but they shouldn't be so rare.

So what would you do on a day with no should do's, could do's, have to's - I would love to hear how you would spend your day.

By the way you can see this painting framed at the markets tomorrow - have a great weekend.


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  1. I would love to do exactly that! Wow beautiful.

  2. Your dreamcatcher painting is so beautiful, I love all the splotchy colors. My daughter is always making dreamcatchers and has them hanging from the ceiling over her bead. She tells me she has beautiful dreams. Happy PPF

  3. Oh I like them too. I have Indian blood so my Mom always get them for me. LOVE your piece!

    What fun!
    ~Happy Paint Party Friday~
    Thanks for sharing your work :)

  4. Wow Kirstin! I LOVE your painting! It makes me want to find somewhere to pull out my paints and just go crazy. Your artwork always encourages and inspires me! So special, unique, cute and FUN!!! Glad you got to enjoy yourself.

    On days like that I have been resting and sketching. Soon my paints will be back out!!! YAY! Then I will be painting, can't wait! Happy PPF! Hugs, Rasz

  5. Fabulous painting - how terrific to have a day to yourself. I find them to be few and very far between

  6. Your dream catcher is beautiful ! ☺

  7. Stunning painting! Love the creative freedom! Glad you got a day on your own, that is rare for a mom!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Great idea to paint a dreamcatcher for above your bed! It looks wonderful!

  9. That's an exquisite painting Kirstin, I'm sure it's sold already!
    I can relate to your bliss because days like that don't come along very often but how fantastic that you were able to use it to the max. Thanks for sharing and inspiring
    Enjoy PPF and your weekend.

  10. gorgeous painting Kirstin! I am fortunate to have lots of time to create-and that's exactly what I spend much time doing:)

  11. Gorgeous dream catcher! Looks lovely!

  12. Thanks Abigail

  13. How lovely Linda! - I both look forward to that time + dread it cause it means the girls will have moved on to the next stage!!

  14. Thanks Nessie - you are right - they don't come along very often! x

  15. Thanks Denthe,

  16. Thanks Giggles - so very rare - but so lovely x

  17. Thanks Ayala x

  18. Thanks Gina, They are definitely few + far between!

  19. Thanks so much Rasz - Resting is probably what I should have been doing, but I love what I created! I'd love to see what you create when you go nuts!! x

  20. Thanks Tam. I have nearly ten around my house. I just adore them + what they represent! x

  21. I have always wanted to make them too Emma, but never have. This may be my next project! Thanks Emma x

  22. Thanks Dana!


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