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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

☆ A story about Bean + everyday Bravery. [LIFE LESSONS]

I wanted to share a story with you about Bean and her every day bravery and how much of a reminder it was for me to be brave every day.

Today I watched as my baby girl grew up before my eyes. I knew it would happen, but I didn't realise it would happen so soon.

Bean is a dancer. She always has been and since she was two she has never once said to me "Mama I don't want to dance any more." Not once. She just loves it.

So now we are moving into a more serious side of dancing and there are exams involved. Mr Mac + I talked about it a bit - is this the right thing to do? We talked it over with Bean - did she understand what it meant? But in the end we decided she would do the exam.

This morning was exam day. I asked her before she walked into the studio, how she was feeling + she said great! She turned around and said to me "Remember Mama, the two rules of dancing? Smile big + have fun."

Yup she just quoted me back to me.

I left her their waiting to go in, no nerves no worries + she rocked it.

But after the exam we then walked into the dentist to have them look at this tooth of hers, that has been stubbornly hanging in. Her second tooth has grown behind it + this disgustingly manky tooth has refused to leave.

So she jumps in the chair + sits there. (I loathe the dentist + I start feeling icky)

Sits there + has a needle to numb the gum (I am feeling queasy now)

Sits there while they pull the tooth with pliers (I had to turn away here.)

Sits there while they give her this ugly rotten tooth is a plastic baggy. (Oh it is just disgusting!)

And then says to me - can I go back to school now? (Me? I would be in a foetal position in the corner sobbing!)

She has grown up before my eyes.

Today she reminds me that it is the everyday acts of bravery that really count.

It is turning up to an exam to have fun.

It is sitting in the dentists chair, mouth wide having a tooth yanked

It is wanting to go back to school even though her mouth is sore. (I convinced her that an afternoon at home would be better!)

Bravery is showing up and just doing what you have to do + moving on.

But sometimes I find it hard to show up. Sometimes I find it hard to move on. And sometimes I put off doing something until it is almost too late or the problem is debilitating.

What about you? Do you find ways to be brave every day? Do you show up + move on. Or do you struggle with it? 

For the rest of this month, I will at the end of each day write down three ways I was brave on that day. To remind myself that I am brave + do brave things every day.

What about you? Are you in?
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  1. I'm so proud of your little girl for you! What a wonderful start in life to have such an attitude! You and the Mister have done an excellent job in preparing her for things to come.

  2. Thanks Faye - even a few days later my heart bursts thinking about that day. xx


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