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Monday, September 22, 2014

☆ Exploring Intuition {Life Book 2014]

Life Book Week 36: Exploring Intuition with Tamara Laporte 

Painting intuitively sounds relatively easy, but for me it is one of the hardest things to do. I find it difficult to turn off the back ground noise sometimes.

And if the back ground noise has been muted, sometimes I find it hard to create outside my comfort zone.

But this week, I surrounded my self with about seven different mediums that were close to hand.

Tried not to over think my every move...

Used mediums that felt 'right' at the time....

Used colours that spoke to me...

And felt what I needed to feel....

And totally adore what came out.

And p.s. what I wrote is something that I definitely needed reminding of, but something that totally is true for me.

When I am vulnerable I can achieve great things + great things happen to me. When I am closed off, guarded that is when I struggle to connect, to feel beauty + have balance.

And as all Life Book lessons lately, something I have needed to have a reality check about...

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  1. As always you have achieved a place of wonder with your art. Love this piece

  2. This is gorgeous! I just love your sweet faces. Your script is so elegant.
    Will you be putting your 2015 calendar on your etsy shop? I'd love to get one!

  3. Love..Love...Love, awesome job for being out of your comfort zone!


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