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Friday, October 17, 2014

☆ Blue Feathers [Friday Art]


I have had such a busy week, organising, sorting, throwing out, putting things away in their new home...

This week I moved my studio.

It's a move I have been thinking about a long time now.

Something that I was always planning to do when we redid our kitchen + renovated our garage.

One day.

Some day.

While we were away, we stayed with my brother + his family. And we love hanging out with these guys - they are so chilled, our kids play awesomely together (99% of the time!), their patch of paradise so peaceful, our conversations lively +  I love sitting on their back deck + dreaming.

So sitting on the back deck, cold beer in hand, looking over their two acres of peace,  I was thinking some of the dreams that we have been shelving.

To do one day.

Some day.

And then I thought about all the huge dreams I have. The huge dreams we have. All these dreams that we put on hold because we don't have time. Don't have the money. Don't have the inclination.

And the startling thought I had was this:

There were parts of these dreams I had that I could do now. That I could begin right now. Things that aren't dependent on one day. On some day.

It was like I was electrocuted. Such a simple thought. One that has the potential to change everything.

So once we had a day to recover from the long drive home, I enlisted Mac + we moved the studio from downstairs to a sunny room upstairs.

I wish I had done it earlier.

I loved my room downstairs. Loved. It.

But there were always little things that made it difficult to work in.

As soon as my desk was put in my new room. I felt at home. I felt settled.

BLUE FEATHERS - journal page painting. © kirstin mcculloch LilliBean Designs
Blue Feathers
Mixed Media Journal Page
This is the first new painting in my studio. It was a page in my journal that I had used to wipe ink sprays on in the past + I never knew what to do with it.... until this week!

So I wonder if I am guilty of pushing my dreams to one day + some day, if you are doing the same. And I wonder if there are little things that you can do today to make those dreams just a little bit closer?

Feel free to share what steps you are going to take to move a step closer to your dreams next week below in the comments. I would love to hear what your planning!

And now I am off to measure steps. To make another of my one day dreams just one step closer...


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  1. I feel a common thread in the universe because we are working towards the one day some day things too as well as purging.!! Wonderful painting!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Glad you spent time with family. That is a dream for me. I know not exactly what you are talking about. But my kids grandkids and greatgrand baby live on the East cost I live on the West coast. So that is my dream to visit my kids. LOL
    Love you feathers.

  3. sounds like you have been inspired enough to take action -something I am working on. Your feathers painting is gorgeous!

  4. What a great post...YES, there's always the one day, someday! I finally started my web site and I'm working toward my dream every day. BUT I only started a year ago so I'm in the "Why Didn't I Start This YEARS Ago" boat. :)
    LOVE your feathers so much!

    Thanks for sharing :) Happy Paint Party Friday!
    Tam Hess

  5. Sometimes a dream or an idea needs time to grow, become ready to do....we have a zillion choices to make every day and all of them leads our day, days, months.... :)
    Like your journal page - now it's a piece of art, beautiful!


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