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Monday, October 27, 2014

☆ Healing Intuitive Goddess [Life Book]

Week 40 - A Healing Intuitive Goddess Painting with Kate Thompson

Kate Thompson was my guide for this weeks Life Book lesson.

And a healing intuitive goddess was just what I needed this week!

During this lesson I ran through a gamut of emotions.

From joy (loved smooshing my texture paint through stencils - it gives a beautiful base texture.)

To frustration (at one stage my goddess looked more like a pink smurf, than a dignified goddess!)

And finally the feeling when I am certain a painting is done, when my soul settles + when my goddess is herself. I guess this feeling is peace.

Healing Intuitive Goddess.

What makes your soul settle? Is it a job well done? A beautiful painting? Seeing family? I'd love to hear what makes you feel peace.

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