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Friday, October 31, 2014

☆Hello. I am the Meanest Mama EVER [Friday Art]

Week 44 - October 31st 2014 

I am the worst mama in the world. 

My poor children. Apparently they have the meanest mama in the whole wide world.


But I swear it isn't my fault. The reason I am a Mean Mama is cause we happen to live in the southern hemisphere.

Meanest. Ever.

When I grew up I lived in rural Australia. We had two tv channels, probably one radio station, there was no internet + beyond sesame street + play school there wasn't really any other kids shows. If you were lucky the Easter Bunny bought one large egg (not six + no presents) + Valentines day was a suggestion not a must do. Christmas was hot. July is freezing. 

My children are so lucky. 

They are able to explore other cultures + traditions at the click of a button. They are more worldly, more knowledgable. They aren't as insulated as I was.

But there are a few draw backs of this amazingness....

My kids expect it to snow at Christmas instead of being 40°C.

They want to put the fire on + roast marshmallows. (see above 40°C comment.)

And they are desperate to dress up + traverse the streets collecting armfuls of candy tonight.

Awesome. No problem. And maybe I could produce some fake snow + we can roast marshmallows over the BBQ while sitting under the air conditioning + absolutely they can dress up. But....

I was the unfortunate parent who told Bean + Bug we don't do trick or treating in Australia.

I am a mean mama.

Bean informed me (to which Bug enthusiastically nodded + mmhmm'd the whole time), "when I have children they will be allowed to trick or treat." Foot stomp. Head shake.

And I understand the frustration. It's confusing for them.

Because there is Halloweeny paraphernalia in the shops just now but as far as I know no one is trick or treating.

Because Jack is the Pumpkin King + Sally is his queen.

Because even Peppa Pig celebrates Halloween + everyone knows if Peppa Pig does it so do we..(including pig snorts at the table...)

Because even if I had candy in the cupboard, (which Mac would most likely have devoured moments after it hit our shelves) the probability of someone knocking on my door is as likely as it snowing on Christmas day in hell... oops... central west NSW.

I am the worst mama in the world.

So heres my nod to Halloween + Día de Muertos.  

And maybe we will pig out on chocolate bars + watch Jack + Sally save Christmas.

Just so I can reclaim the BEST MAMA IN THE WORLD title.

Some one else can claim the mean mama title.... I've had it for a week now...

So tell me, what is your favourite Halloween memory? I can honestly say I learnt about halloween from reading Judy Blume + Sweet Valley High books + watching the Halloween movies. It wasn't until I was in my thirty's  + living in Scotland that I finally went trick or treating - I took a friends son and I had to negotiate a cut of his candy....

I would love to hear your memories - please feel free to leave me a comment below


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  1. Aw your post made me laugh! It must be strange for your kids finding out about traditions in the northern hemisphere- I couldn't imagine it being baking hot at Christmas-it just wouldn't feel right so i guess it's just what you're used to but then, as you say, the world is so much smaller now and if course your kids want to go trick or treating! (I didn't know it wasn't a thing in Australia! ) i don't celebrate Halloween but that's because i don't have kids and it really is a holiday for them. I do remember going trick or treating as a kid but it defintely want quite as Americanised as it is these days. We had horrible hard plastic masks that made your face sticky because the mouth hole wasn't big enough to breathe through properly, held on with elastic that nipped! Ah the memories! I'm sure you'll regain your best mama Crown soon once tonight is over and the Christmas adverts start on tv!

  2. I love your Day of the Dead art! So beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about the lack of Halloween trick or treating. That must be confusing for little kids. Maybe next year you could organize a block party for the neighborhood kids and get your own tradition started. I have to admit, Halloween trick or treating is really such super fun as a kid or an adult. It's my favourite time of the year.

  3. Your day of the dead art is so fantastic!!! I was lucky to be in a neighborhood with LOTS of homes welcoming LOTS of trick or treaters growing up. And then as an adult I so enjoyed getting dressed up for adult costume parties , and even for the patients when I worked in nursing homes. I still have one or two costumes but it's been a LONG time since we did anything for Halloween. We don't even get any trick or treaters any more(at least on our street) so I gave up buying the treats. Must be hard on your youngsters to see and read about the fun but unable to be a part of it themselves. Good mom you are to make up your own fun and reclaim your rightful title:)

  4. Halloween was my very favorite celebration almost my whole childhood and adulthood!! If there had been no Halloween I would have made a Halloween celebration party anyway. You could have a dress up Birthday Party one year for your girls and make it a Halloween theme. I would just improvise. I was once the main scene in a haunted house, I had to scream hundreds of times and have my throat slit it was so much fun scaring people!! I loved it! I have always had fun dressing up and dressing my child, carving pumpkins and making pumpkin seeds in the oven! We'd have fireworks and meet at neighbours houses for fun! This is year is quiet one... But the memories are awesome!! Your an amazing artist and mommy!! Never forget that! Love your nod to Halloween!
    Hugs Giggles

  5. Ha ha! Thats so funny! We had very similar Aussie upbringings by the sound of it. I don't think we've ever celebrated Halloween. Maybe I went to a fancy dress party dressed as a witch once? That could have been Halloween?! Or was it just Friday the 13th... love your blog :)


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