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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

☆ Round Here [October]

Some one emailed me the other day + told me there were only 54 shopping days to go until Christmas.

WTF?? 54 days??

Then today I was putting my shopping away + was checking the use by date on some chicken I had bought, for a moment my brain had a small break with reality....

The used by date was 6th November 2014. And in my addled brain, I couldn't believe that fresh chicken could last that long, that was weeks away.


Then my brain snapped back + realised the sixth is tomorrow!

So this last month has been busy + full of awesome memories....

....we've had sleep overs with some of our very favourite people,

 ....five kids, two daddies + a dog were on a trampoline... sounds like some a lame joke!

  handed out some big love...

 Relocated my studio into a beautiful bright space that feels like home

 found some beauty amongst the weeds.

 speaking of beauty in the weeds, this was the funniest moment all month, we woke up to this sign on our front yard...
yes! come check out my beautiful garden full of irises + weeds! (it belonged to a neighbour up the road whose garden was stunning!!)

I christened my studio..(see final painting here)

had a double wammy of success - awesome dance results + kindy student of the month! So proud of this kid...

 posted off some calendars to their new home for 2015. (you can grab yours here)

and during a moment of great sadness, there was joy in catching up with very old friends + my girls playing at the same ping pong table that I did at their age.

So that's what we've been up to this month... tell me you favourite memories for October!
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  1. That's been some busy month! You get some really gorgeous photos of your girls-very photogenic and i love those checked school dresses-reminds me of home and away! Your new studio looks fab!


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