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Friday, November 7, 2014

☆ The Sea Explorer [Friday Art]

Week 45: Friday 7th 2014 

I was asked by my nephew when I was going to paint him a new painting. Last year I painted this one to celebrate his brother's birth + he keeps asking me for a painting of him + his toothless.

But I was feeling a different type of painting for Fred.

He is a massive fan of the Octonauts. If you are unfamiliar with these guy, they are animal explorers of the ocean + are charged to protect, explore + rescue. (Is is sad I didn't have to look this up?)

Anyway, if you have children under the age of five, these are hugely popular characters for both boys + girls.

(It's not just for kids - Mac is a huge fan too by the way!!)

Fred loves the octonauts + his favourite toy is the red shark gup.

I had been thinking of painting Fred as an octonaut, but it wasn't until I started sketching that I finally figured out where I was going to go.

All I have this week is a work in progress shot for you as I am gathering everything + preparing for the Christmas Markets I am attending next weekend. 

Which by the way if you are in the Bathurst area I hope you will pop in + say hi.

And if you bring this voucher with you, you can receive 10% off everything in store.

You can download it by clicking on the voucher above or here.

The voucher is valid at all the markets I am attending for the rest of the year:

Until the end of the year you can find me: 
Have a great weekend.

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  1. Love those big eyed girls!

  2. Your painting is so pretty, Kirstin.

  3. Oh she is a delight!

  4. Adorable character for your nephew! Kirstin the twitter, facebook and pinterest characters block part of your blog making it difficult to there anyway to change it back to how it used to be.... Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles/

  5. Absolutely amazing...the expression looks adorable ! I always always love visiting you :)


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