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Friday, January 30, 2015

☆ From Beginning to End: The Journey of a Journal Page [GREATEST HITS]

I hope you are enjoying my Greatest Hits series! This is because I am taking January off + I am currently reading a book, sleeping on the couch, swimming at the pool, or painting in the studio....

These are the posts that have inspired, helped, motivated + encouraged my readers. How do I know this?

Because you told me. In emails, comments or links.


I am often curious when I see finished journal pages, about how they were constructed, the process behind the finished painting.

And I have often thought I should share with everyone the process behind my journal page - I have been asked once or twice to do this.

Usually, I am totally wrapped up in the process myself that I take a photo of the first step + then forget about it until I am almost finished.

This is the journal page that I shared with you here + I managed to get a few pics while I was painting it.  {sorry for the load time! There are quite a few photos!!}

Usually my journal pages start with a problem I am working on, a much needed rant, or a observation.

I scribble my immediate + uncensored thoughts down. Don't worry most of it will be covered up later! So be honest. 

I covered my scribble with water soluble crayons (I use a mixture of Derwent Aquatones + Caran d'Ache NeoColor II. I prefer the later because they seem to dissolve better the Aquatones can look a bit scratchy.)

Next I added some papers from my scrap draw (this grows bigger daily!!), some mulberry paper left over from our wedding 6 years ago, and some washi style tape. 

I had some ink out from another project, so I added this and with a straw blew it around the page. I love this effect! 

I gessoed a rough face + neck + added the flower + the three red strips on the right hand side.

At this stage I don't worry about being precise with the head. It will come together later.

I added detail to the face - at the moment I use a lot of blues in my faces instead of dark browns + black. 

More detail in the face

I've started the eyes in this photo - I love painting eyes. They are my absolute favourite thing in the world to paint.

I have finished they eyes, added more detail to the lips + I decided that she needed a smattering of freckles. 

I finished by adding the words with white paint + outlined with black marker. Added some purple to her hair + a bit of detail on the flower. 

So if you haven't tried art journalling before, I can absolutely recommend it. There are absolutely no rules + just go with your heart.

I always feel like I have had a major battle after finishing a journal page. I have ink all over me, gel medium stuck all over my hands, paint all over my new nail polish. I love it. LOVE. IT. 

What is your favourite part of art journalling? I would love it if you shared your experiences with me!
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